Where to find cheap LEGOs (and why they’re just as good for your kid)

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The cheapest LEGO sets we’ve found are:

As any parent knows, LEGO sets can be some of the most expensive toys out there. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get these awesome LEGO sets.

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How to save money on LEGOs

For years, LEGO was the only game in town when it came to construction bricks for kids, and for good reason. These days, it’s easier than ever to get cheap LEGO sets.

cheap lego sets

How did LEGO get so popular?

-it is a classic play pattern, easy to understand, and a universally appealing design that a wide range of ages (girl and boy!) could enjoy.
-the pieces were obsessively engineered, ensuring an impossibly snug fit every time (and deterring cheaper LEGO alternatives or knockoffs that did not have the capital to finely tune their molds and fanatically QA their production process)
-it was open ended play that children could build, deconstruct, and build again, allowing them to return to play again and again without getting tired of it.

Consequently, LEGO enjoyed a monopoly on the construction toy aisle year after year, and the name LEGO became synonymous with construction bricks. In fact, many parents still don’t even know that there are cheaper alternatives to LEGO out there.
cheap legos

However, the LEGO brick patent expired in 1989 , meaning other toy companies could make very similar versions of LEGO (that could potentially cost much less) without fear of legal repercussions. Competition is good for any industry; more players means that each has to be on top of their game and provide the best value to the consumer; the result is much cheaper LEGOs, or LEGO clones, on the market and into kid’s hands.

Since LEGO could no longer rely on their stronghold on the construction toy market, they had to turn to other avenues to maintain sales.

A few things they tried to combat the advent of cheaper LEGO alternatives were:
-an increase in marketing spending to retain the brand recognition they had built up throughout the years. As an example, look at LEGOLAND, the LEGO movie, and the giant X-Wing made out of LEGOs that called Times Square home for weeks. All of these are designed to keep LEGO in the forefront of your mind when you think of building toys.
-LEGO began to rely more heavily on licensing, meaning they teamed up with other well known companies to create co-branded products, such as LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Batman, LEGO Disney princesses, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Star Wars, and others. 
-exploring new directions in product line diversity (with varying degrees of success), broadening their offering to include various non-toy items, from merchandise like t-shirts and backpacks, to LEGO videogames and movies.

legos on sale

Neither marketing, licensing, nor research and development costs on new product lines come cheap; they require millions of dollars of investments in ads, salaries, fees, and countless man hours devoted to design, planning, and market education. In doing so, many people believe that LEGO lost sight of the simplicity of the original construction toy brick that put them on the map.

It also means that there was an open opportunity for other companies to come in and pick up where LEGO started, imitating the basic block and creating cheaper LEGOS more similar to the original intention. See our favorite LEGO alternatives here.

How to get cheap LEGO sets?

Cheaper LEGOs

However, if you want to stick with LEGO brand, the best option is to avoid the complex and licensed sets altogether and stick to what made LEGO great. The cheap LEGO sets with just bricks retain the beauty in their simplicity, and the endless construction possibilities arising from a basic interlocking block. Kids don’t really need spinning pieces, Batman Minifigures, pivots and hinges, and the like. They just want a huge box of bricks to dump out on the floor and dig into, building to their heart’s content.

What is the best place to buy LEGOs?

LEGO Classic 790 Piece Box – {approximately 10 cents per brick}best place to buy legos

LEGO Classic 303 Piece Box – {approximately 11 cents per brick}discount lego sets

LEGO Classic XXL 1500 Piece Box – {approximately 6 cents per brick}
cheapest place to buy legos

Lego Classic 484 Piece Box – {approximately 6 cents per brick}
Cheapest place to buy legos
Lego Classic 221 Piece Box – {approximately 6 cents per brick}
how to save money on legos

Why cheaper LEGO alternatives are just as good

Now more than ever, it is critically important that kids have access to open-ended construction toys like LEGOs that encourage them to put down their phones computers and videogames, interact with other kids, and play creatively. The simple, timeless act of stacking the interlocking blocks has countless benefits for early childhood development.

LEGOs (and cheaper LEGO alternatives) have much of the same benefits for kids. Brick based construction toys develop:
-creativity and imagination
-problem solving and critical thinking
-basics of geometry and spatial reasoning
-engineering and architectural skills
-and many more STEM and STEAM principles

Our goal is to help you find very cheap LEGO sets.

Unfortunately, many parents and families on a budget find the cost of LEGOs prohibitively expensive; but much of what is driving up the cost is flashy new licenses, complex pivoting and modular pieces, and other unnecessary additions to the classic, open ended play pattern that needed no improvement. Kids get as much developmental benefit from simple, unbranded construction toys as they do from more expensive versions with the latest popular trend stickered onto them. This is why we encourage all families to have some construction blocks in their toy chest, whether they be LEGO blocks or a cheaper alternative to LEGOs .
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