4 best LEGO rental companies

Review of the best LEGO rental companies

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to buying Lego sets, here is what you need to know.

Here at Smart-Toys we often discuss the most important characteristics of children’s toys (especially construction toys), and one of the traits that consistently emerges is variety.

Across the board, studies show that having many different toys is beneficial for a child’s development. The kicker is that the toys don’t even have to be needlessly complex; just a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, methods of interlocking and interacting… So on and so on. The greater variety of play objects, the more opportunities for learning.

Furthermore, since kids have a limited attention span to spend on each toy, their toy stash should be refreshed in order to provide them with engaging new toys to keep them stimulated even after the original plaything has lost its luster.

The problem that invariably arises is that buying and storing all of these toys is an issue for many families. Getting new toys all of the time is expensive, and before long you have filled up your house with toys that no longer seem to get played with. Kids grow out of old toys, or simply move on to a new fascination.

One solution is to rent toys, providing children with the benefits of novel and various opportunities for engagement without the waste or expense of constantly refreshing the toy box.
How to rent legos

How to RENT Lego sets for your kids

You can rent Lego sets for a low monthly fee (USA and UK)
Kids can get tired of toys very fast, and in many instances you are better off renting toys like LEGO that can get quite expensive for a set. This also has the additional benefit of facilitating ongoing innovation, rather than simply building the same sets and using the same old parts.

 Available countriesHow much per month?How much is shipping?Shipping time?How many can you get?How long can you keep them?What happens if you lose a piece?What happens if pieces are missing?How many sets are available?About
BuildurBricksUK$9.99Free BOTH ways3-5 days1 set per month (basic plan) or upgrade to 2 sets per monthAs long as you want, just let them know if it's over 1 month (plus option to buy at a discounted price)No chargeReplacements are rush shipped150+ sets (constantly updated based on popularity)BuildurBricks is a small (but enthusiastic) team of LEGO enthusiasts that want to give both you and your kids the absolute best LEGO rental experience in the UK. Their goal is to completely revolutionize how parents give kids toys. After subscribing, create a queue of your favorite toys to rent into your Build list and they will handle the rest. You can rent LEGO sets for a fraction of the price you would otherwise spend on new ones. Spend less on LEGO sets AND avoid hoarding sets that your child doesn’t want to play with, outgrows, or tires of.
WeLoveBricksUK$12.99Free BOTH ways2-3 days1 set per month (basic plan) or upgrade to 2 sets per monthNo limitNo charge (up to 3 missing pieces), or $3.00Replacements are rush shipped125+ sets (111 regular sets and 16 "big sets")WeLoveBricks gives LEGO fans a continuous stream of brand new rental LEGO sets to build for a fraction of the cost of buying new sets - imagine all of the space you can save by not having to store the bricks your kids no longer use! When you are in the mood for a special treat or a new challenge, you can upgrade to a Big Set for a one-time additional fee.
NetBricksUSA$24.00Free with Pro Membership only ($39/month)2-3 days1 set at a time (the next one is shipped when the first is returned)No limit (plus option to buy at a discounted price)No charge (up to 10 missing pieces) or $.05 per pieceReplacements are rush shipped200+NetBricks aims to give families, children (or even Adult Fans of LEGOs) the best experiences constructing LEGO sets. Featuring an extensive set list that allows you to rent multiple LEGO sets shipping straight to your door, and no limits on rental times. Renting LEGO sets through Netbricks is 85% cheaper than buying new LEGO sets, which means you can get over 6 times as many different sets and save up to $1,800 a year. NetBrick's sorting and sanitizing process gives you peace of mind that your experience will be clean and organized.
PleyUSA$12.99First toy free, then flat $5.952-3 days1 set at a time (the next one is shipped when the first is returned)No limit (plus option to buy at a discounted price)No charge ($15 fee for multiple times)Return with prepaid label and get another toy from your listOver 500 toys (not just LEGO)Pley calls themselves Santa’s little helpers - they curate a monthly box of activities, which can include LEGOs and other toys, stories and goodies that makes kids (…and their parents) happy.

More reasons why it’s better to rent your LEGOs instead of buying them:

-Try before you buy
You can test out different LEGO sets to see if you like them prior to making a purchase. That way, if you do decide to keep some, you know they’re the sets that your kids like best

-Renting LEGOs is less expensive than buying them
You can rent a larger, more complex LEGO set that you may not have been able to afford otherwise

-When you’re done, swap them out for a different set
You always have a fresh set to build to keep your kids entertained and involved, and you don’t have to try to re-sell those old sets on the secondary market in order to buy new ones

-No worrying about lost parts or cleaning etc.
You don’t get charged for lost parts, and the parts are thoroughly sanitize in between uses.

-Save storage space!
You don’t need to find space to store a million different LEGO sets permanently in your home.

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