14 Best LEGO Alternatives for creative kids

What are the best LEGO alternatives?

LEGO’s cool and all, but what are some awesome “LEGO-like” toys? Our favorite LEGO alternatives are:

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Best Lego alternativesLEGO creates 45.7 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) bricks annually, at a rate of 5.2 million every hour – but is that still not enough?

Last year, LEGO became the world’s largest toymaker when it’s by revenue and profit eclipsed those of the former leader, Mattell. This Christmas season, however, can we expect an unprecedented LEGO shortage?

“The demand for Lego products during the first half of the year has been significantly higher than our and our customers’ expectations and projections.”
-Roar Trangbaek, LEGOBest cheaper lego alternatives

Alternative Lego brands and toys like Lego

14 amazing construction toys
If you aren’t able to find the sets you want this Christmas, please don’t resort to crime (like the New York woman who was caught stealing 800 sets, the Phoenix based crime syndicate specializing in LEGO theft, or the Watford Gap LEGO truck hijackers). Luckily, there are some pretty cool LEGO alternatives out there with just as high a play value and creative element. Some examples of our favorite building toys:

#14 best LEGO alternative

Plus-Plus – rubber plus shaped interlocking building toys – even though every piece is shaped exactly the same (varying only in color), you’d be surprised the variety of creations that you can make. The pieces fit together loosely enough to make intricate curved designs, but tightly enough to pick up your creation and move it around.Best lego alternatives plus plus

#13 best LEGO alternative

Green Toys Blocks – “The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Building Block”. These oversized and lightweight building pieces are actually made from recycled milk cartons, making them safe for teething (ages 6 months and up) and great for growing into constructive play


Green toys my first blocks lego alternative

#12 best LEGO alternative

Tegu – magnetic wooden building blocks that are great for supporting open-ended and unscripted play; not to mention sustainably sourced, non-toxic, FSC-certified Honduran hardwood with no lead, no plastic, a water-based lacquer finish AND supports tree planting and child education in Honduras.

Tegu lego alternative - like Lego but not

#11 best LEGO alternative

OgoBILD – A large range of abstract and recognizable parts including attachments like wheels, a scoop, hands, feet, wings, springs and more allow nearly endless possibilities for creation. The ball-and-socket connections are interchangeable, safe and functional; and if that’s not enough, there’s an awesome stop motion animation studio.
OgoBild Lego alternative - products similar to Lego

#10 best LEGO alternative

Zometool – contains 246 precision-made components which teach kids the basis of spatial interpretation. The artistic, structural kits range from basic to very complex, but the shape-and-color coded system makes complex 3D structures intuitive to build and allows endless possibilities for fascinating open-ended play and discovery.

Zome tool lego alternative

#9 best LEGO alternative

Mega Bloks – a LEGO alternative including a Maxi size featuring slightly rounded corners and edges and intended for young children, a Mini size designed for toddlers and preschoolers, and a LEGO-comparable Micro size for experienced builders.

Mega bloks lego alternative

#8 best LEGO alternative

K’NEX – K’NEX has building toys specially designed for every age group and skill level, and the easily followed, color-coded instructions included in every set made it easy for young builders to bring life to their models. This Lego type toy has captured the imagination of children for almost 3 decades.

Knex lego alternative - similar to lego blocks

#7 best LEGO alternative

Laser Pegs – Looking for light-up LEGOs? Laser Pegs are similar to LEGO, but a bit different, this clear plastic LEGO clone has a neat trick – LED lights on the inside of the bricks that illuminate the entire creation.

Laser pegs light up lego clone

#6 best LEGO alternative

Nanoblock – micro-sized building block system with a smallest piece measuring only 4 x 4 x 5 millimeters. The tiny pieces allow construction enthusiasts (with adept fingers!) to build in much greater detail than ever before. Many of the kits feature detailed architectural kits from the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State Building to the Taj Mahal , or cool miniature animal models.

Lego tiny alternative - like lego but smaller


#5 best LEGO alternative

ZOOB – a building set where the pieces can move after they are assembled. Since it’s quite abstract, ZOOB provides instructions and suggestions for models to build, but overall it’s great for exploring, inventing, and discovering new creations.

Zoob best construction toy - similar to lego bricks


#4 best LEGO alternative

Meccano-Erector – endless construction possibilities combined with motors! Since the sets contain all real-metal pieces, they require tools and are best for advanced builders. Most of the sets have instructions to be taken apart and re-assembled in a variety of ways to inspire limitless imaginative possibilities.

Meccano erektor - toys like lego but different

#3 best LEGO alternative

Qubits – Connect & reconnect Qubits pieces for endless construction possibilities! An easy to assemble, snap together toy that teaches about modular design. The trick with Qubits is to learn how to make geometric patterns, then combine patterns to create anything you want for your project. Fun, artistic, colorful and challenging, Qubits will entertain children safely down to the age of 4.

Qubits construction toy shark tank building legos

#2 best LEGO alternative

Brackitz – The unique design of the connect-anywhere Brackitz allows them to attach to traditional planks at multiple points and angles, allowing young builders to create just about any design they can imagine. Because kids are unrestricted by step-by-step instruction manuals, the construction possibilities are endless, encouraging creativity and endless rounds of construction, disassembly, and rebuilding. Brackitz award-winning construction toys encourage imagination by permitting open ended play, and helping kids build anything from small scale models to huge, complex structures. The promote key math, science, engineering, and architectural principles as well as higher-level cognitive thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills. They can construct even more impressive structures with collaborate building, encouraging social play and teamwork.

Toys like lego

#1 best LEGO alternative

Viahart Brain Flakes – teaches children spatial thinking and imaginative play. 500 simple discs allow for a surprisingly large amount of variation and creativity, which means hours of endless fun and engineering education.brain flakes by viahart construction toy - better than lego

Update – Christmas 2017:
By popular demand, we’ve added 8  more of the top Lego alternatives: Best construction toys that are fun AND not as expensive as Lego. Enjoy these great building toys!

1. PowerClix
An easy click ‘n connect 3-D system with strong magnetic force. Fast, simple and powerful modeling allows creative construction such as bridges, skycrapers and animals. A myriad of possible geometric shapes and extender rods provides open-ended and creativity-inspiring buildings. An included activity guide gives builders step-by-step instructions, although future engineers may have more fun deviating from the guidelines to make their own creations.Best alternatives to Lego - great building toys
2. Guidecraft IO Blocks
Unique open-ended interlocking construction blocks with an easily adjustable friction fit allow limitless creations like people, animals, architecture, robots, vehicles and more. An augmented reality IO Blocks App for smartphone or tablet acts as a virtual build guide. Soft touch plastic pieces connect with a secure fit and advance fine motor skills and spatial concepts. IO Blocks come in sets of all sizes,from a 59 piece travel set to a 1,000 piece group activity set.
Like lego but different​​3. Better Builders
Unique magnetic rod and ball building set allows numerous configurations and myriad design possibilities. Kids learn creativity and the principles of science, construction, and engineering with durable plastic rods, multicolored metal balls, and super strong magnets. Since the magnets are safely and securely embedded in the over-sized rods, this construction set is suitable for ages 2 and up.
Toys similar to lego4. Texo
Texo is a 3-D design and construction system that is a simple puzzle, shape sorting and color matching toy all in one. The simple yet innovative system allows for a gradual progression, from beginning by stacking the interconnected shapes and advancing on to complex architectural models including bridges, houses, and skyscrapers.
construction toys like lego but better and cheaper5. ClickABrick
The 3-D design of ClickABrick promotes learning and creativity by allowing children to construct in many directions. Unlike many other competitors brick toys, ClickABricks are not limited to building straight: the pieces can be joined together in diagonal lines. The solid “peg-in-hole” designed parts are engineered to fit snugly together, forming strong connections that stand up to play. Each set includes instructions to build multiple creations, although there are possibilities for nearly unlimited elaboration.
Toys for kids who like legos6. Lux Blocks
Lux Blocks are a set of versatile interlocking building blocks. The snap and lock hinges let kids create constructions that curve, bend, and move.
You can make cubes, dollhouse furniture, H-Frames, balls, moving animals, and much, much more.

Building blocks meets dollhouse meets dress-up! StoryWall play-sets feature illustrated background scenes that kids can assemble, decorate, and use as inspiration for creative play. Build and Imagine promotes design, building, and storytelling skills.
Lego kits for girls8. ARCKIT
ARCKIT is a 100% free form model-building set that permits kids to explore actual architectural designs and create their own true-to-life projects. The self-adhesive media sheets are real material patterns, including detailed finishes such as timber, stone, concrete, metal, solar panels, grass, and water. This is one of the most truly architectural model building kits we’ve seen, and we love it!
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Best Lego Alternatives and “Lego Type” Toys

Fun fact: there are currently sufficient Lego bricks in the world for every single person to own 86 bricks; but demand will still outweigh supply for new sets during the Holiday season. Forecasting demand accurately is always difficult, and consequently some children may be disappointed not to find the new set they asked for under the tree or in their stocking. Currently, the shortage is claimed to only effect Europe, although there were shortages in Denmark and Canada last year as well, even without the inflated demand from the success of the movie .

“We will not be able to deliver all of the orders coming from customers in the remainder of the year,”
-Roar Trangbaek, LEGO

In the first 6 months of this year, LEGO sales were 18% higher than in 2014, due in part to the popularity of the Lego Movie (which grossed almost $500 million worldwide at the box office) and new licenses such as Star Wars, Batman and the Avengers. The company says that it is working it’s factories at maximum capacity and “closely monitoring the demand and taking action to secure our inventory for the holiday season.” Luckily, there are many building toys similar to LEGO that are fantastic for kids.

Halo mega bloksView more: Halo Mega Bloks

Like LEGO, but cheaper! We hope you enjoyed our article about the best Lego type toys. For even more suggestions on toys that are similar to LEGO blocks, head on over to the Amazon Holiday Toy List.


If you’re looking for highly detailed, miniature LEGO architecture sets, check out the best Nanoblock sets

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Complete List of the Best LEGO Alternatives

Toys like LEGO for kids who love to build!
Plus-PlusCheck price
Green Toys BlocksCheck price
TeguCheck price
OgoBILDCheck price
ZometoolCheck price
Mega BloksCheck price
K’NEXCheck price
Laser PegsCheck price
NanoblockCheck price
ZOOBCheck price
Meccano-ErectorCheck price
QubitsCheck price
BrackitzCheck price
Viahart Brain FlakesCheck price
PowerClixCheck price
Guidecraft IO BlocksCheck price
Better BuildersCheck price
TexoCheck price
ClickABrickCheck price
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Build and ImagineCheck price
ARCKITCheck price

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