Best blocks for babies… and up!

Best stacking blocks for infants and toddlers

Simple is sometimes best: blocks are one of the top developmental toys for babies and toddlers

Studies show that a variety of shapes and sizes is most important for a baby’s sensory development, not necessarily the complexity (or cost!) of a toy. The Journal of Pediatrics noted that some “smart baby technology” touted as brain development tools not only received low marks in this area, but may have actually impeded early learning.

How much “developmental mileage” do babies really get out of flashing lights and abundant moving parts? For babies, simple is sometimes best.

What’s more important for very early development a toy that engages their interest in an interactive experience that engages their imagination as well as their curiosity. Age-appropriate toys that are tactile and texturally pleasing will hold baby’s attention for longer. Toys that use colors or shapes to intrigue or teach will be less overwhelming than complicated electronic toys that simply deny the child the ability to exercise their imagination.

Best blocks for kids
 Important things that should be taken into consideration when looking for the best blocks for your baby are:
-manipulative and play objects such as stacking blocks should be easy for small hands to grasp
-since children at this age often begin to transfers object from one hand to their mouth to their opposite hand, it is crucial that blocks they play with are safe, inert, and not choking hazards (and that children are always properly supervised).
-After approximately 6-8 months, you’ll get even greater mileage out of toys and stacking blocks that double as teething toys.
Take a look at these best blocks for babies: classic and simple developmental toys that need no updating, modernizing or retooling.
Best Blocks for babies
Children learn much more from these simple toys than learning shapes, grasping, and counting. Stacking blocks help with identifying and grouping by color and shape or size, and eventually balancing skills and building more complex structures. After about 12 months, this type of play can actually promote early social development, as babies engage in parallel play – meaning they play alongside others, but not with them.
Best blocks for babies 3 months and up:
Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks Toy:
Stacking blocks for kids
Why we love these blocks:
They’re safe, plush starter blocks; with crinkly, satin tags and knotties that keep baby engaged
Best blocks for babies 6 months and up:
Why we love these blocks:
Soft, safe, and squeezable blocks, easy to grasp and stack, and BPA Free
Best blocks for babies 9 months and up:
Melissa & Doug Children’s Match & Build Blocks
Soft stacking blocksWhy we love these blocks:
They’re easy for young children to lift and manipulate; Matching activities encourage creative, linguistic, and communication skills.

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Looking for learning blocks for toddlers?

By around 3 years of age, many children have mastered the basics of stacking blocks, organizing them into vertical and horizontal rows, and putting them into various configurations and patterns. Baby stacking blocks with letters even develop the foundation of what will ultimately develop into reading comprehension.
Best blocks for aspiring architects?
Preschoolers even intuitively begin to erect basic structures, and on to more complex bridges, cantilevers, and architectural wonders.
Best blocks for toddlers 2 years and up:
Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks
Wooden baby blocksWhy we love these blocks:
These 1.75 inch basswood cube blocks feature a variety of animals, numbers, and symbols.
Green Toys Block SetNontoxic blocks for kidsWhy we love these blocks:
Baby blocks that are proudly made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and printed with soy inks; that means that these safe toddler blocks have no BPA, phthalates, or PVC (and they’re dishwasher safe). The basic interlocking blocks allow kids to build a variety of shapes including castles, towers, and other structures.
Our #1 favorite stacking block set for babies is made by The People Co, a Japanese company dedicated to creating fun and educational baby products that are SAFE for kids. They are winners of the 2015 Kids Design Awards, Tillywig Awards, Baby Maternity Preferred CHOICE Award 2016, and more, and run by an almost entirely female staff. Since 1977, they have been creating brilliant kids products (which were finally introduced into the United States in 2016).
“Following our core mission, we assist children in achieving critical developmental milestones through play with our innovative product lines. Our products are developed from a parent’s point of view to help make parenting fun and easy yet they cater to the developmental needs of your little one.”
People Mochi Blocks 28 Piece Premium Set 
These safe, developmentally appropriate blocks are actually made from rice-plastic technology (51% rice harvested sustainably in Japan), meaning there are no toxic paints, adhesives, or chemicals. They are hand assembled with love and care, and they even smell like fresh rice grains when you open up the package.Natural blocks for kidsIf you look closely, you’ll even see tiny cloudy swirls that are a result of the hand-crafted process that each piece undergoes during manufacturing. The bright pastel tones are great for [developing early visual acuity] and encourage a variety of developmental milestones including stacking, sorting, concentration and problem solving. As an added bonus, a few of the blocks double as rattles as well.
Best blocks for ages 3 and up
To hold the attention of older kids, you need a block that thinks outside of the box. Tree Blocks Amazing Wooden Building Blocks Sets are different than any blocks you’ve seen before: the beautifully blocks are designed by nature and perfected by TreeBlocks, LLC. Every natural piece is lovingly created from reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested wood, and using only non-toxic, child-safe finishes.All natural blocks for babies
A fantastic block set for older kids that teaches the basics (the building blocks!) of math, architectural principles, balance and gravity, and spacial reasoning. (also available in bark-less for the younger kids.)
Smart-Toys considers stacking blocks among the best toys for babies 3-6 months old (and beyond)!
When do babies grab toys?
From birth, your baby will have the innate ability to hold objects (for an example, look to the grasping reflex: rub your finger along the palm of your baby’s hand and watch the tiny fingers curl automatically around yours); but the coordination to pick up and hold items continues to develop over the first year of life.  Toys are not often held securely in a baby’s hands until well after 3 months of age. Safe stacking blocks for babies are one popular and effective way of helping your child with this milestone.
When do babies stack blocks?
This is a complicated task for babies, which involves the coordination of many distinct skills: grasping a block, picking it up, and placing it accurately on another. This milestone is not often reached until 18 months, but that does not mean that younger kids do not get a benefit from baby blocks. By 3-6 months, babies will attempt to grasp (and chew on!) stacking blocks. BY 12 months, they may hold one block in each hand and “clap” them together to make noise. By exposing your child to soft, safe blocks early on, you can help them reach these milestones expediently.
What skills do stacking blocks for babies help develop?
Stacking blocks help babies work their gross and fine motor skills,
Blocks also provide the basics of fundamental math concepts and early problem solving.
Criteria for the Smart-Toys best blocks for babies guide. We select:
-baby blocks that are easy for babies to grab and stack
-stacking blocks that have additional benefits as occupational therapy toys for babies
-simple and safe toys for babies that have a variety of uses, without being overwhelming

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