10 best fort building kits [inspire future architects and engineers!]

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Top 10 fort building kits for kids

These 10 best build-and-play fort sets allow kids to have fun while they learn about basic building techniques.

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Fort Building & Construction Toy Kits

The best kids forts for GIRLS and BOYS

The Educational Benefits of Building Forts
Kids love to create special spaces for playing make-believe, hiding out, or sharing with their friends. If your kids are sick of building couch forts out of your cushions all the time (or if you are sick of them destroying the sofas!), let them try their hands on these amazing fort building kits. These days, forts have evolved a long way from sheets spread over tables or couches…

Why are fort making kits beneficial for childhood development? Fort kits promote critical thinking, creativity and social skills.
Most kids absolutely LOVE making forts, (and many adults do, too). Fort-building is a great, creative activity because it gets kids thinking about space, configuration of different objects, and even promotes engineering and architectural skills. More so than many other types of play, it also tends to get kids and adults playing together.


#10 best fort building kit

10. Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit
Kids that love building will intuitively begin creating structures with Fort Magic. The included fabric clips are simple to use and elevate the forts to a whole new level of creative fun. From the moment they open the box, your kids will practically live in their new forts!

This massive (354 piece) fort building & construction toy kit features a patented design that provides high quality, sturdy construction, along with a full color building manual in case you get stuck and need some new ideas. Special bonus: This fort building kit was featured on the hit NBC show Shark Tank.
What you get: 3 Different Sized Curved Sticks, 4 Different Sized Straight Sticks, 5 Different Connector Shapes, 100 Fabric Clips, instruction booklet
What can you build: VERY open ended! ONE Fort Magic Kit can build Forts, Tunnels, Castles, Playhouses, Cars, Planes, Ships, Submarines, Teepees, etc.
Why we love it: While it is more expensive than other fort building sets on the market, it comes with way more pieces than many of the competitor’s products, meaning there are more possibilities for creativity. Even when you think you’ve run out of things to build, you can browse through the instruction manual to spark more ideas. The forts are sturdy, relatively easy to construct, and are destined to be the most enjoyed and utilized gift in the bunch. 
Most helpful review: “Make no mistake– it still gets heavy use by both kids (ages 5 and 7) over a year later.”
Ages 6+

#9 best fort building kit

9. OgoBild Pod
This set combines giant construction fort toys with active play devices. OgoBild Pod is the perfect mixture of creativity and physical activity and the only fort kit that allows you to bounce, roll, kick, throw or spin your creations – that means that this a great backyard fort kit OR indoor fort kit.

What you get: 12 flexible rubber balls (each with 12 openings), and 32 flexible plastic connectors with end knobs. Instructions are printed on the inside of the cardboard package. 
Why we love it: The flexibility of this set makes it extremely open ended- you are not limited to right angles in your design and can create spheres, domes, and other forts with rounded edges. It’s flexible enough to collapse in case someone falls on it, but sturdy enough to hold up a bed sheet and even to ROLL! It wins our best outdoor fort kit award! This is the only fort we’ve seen that stands up to rigorous abuse, even during outdoor construction and play. 
What can you build: Domes, spheres, rocket ships, pyramids, and abstract open-ended structures. 
Why we love it: The connecting sticks and balls can be assembled easily. The ball connectors are soft rubber and the struts are exceedingly flexible, while still being quite durable. Pro-tip, buy 2 sets and stack them for even more possibilities to build. 
Most helpful review: “Proved to captivate more than I had anticipated… The question is, will they use it after they’ve used it once? The answer is: yes.”
Ages 6+

#8 best fort building kit

8. Straws and connectors
Create a wide variety of shapes and designs using ingenious connectors and colorful straws that are light enough to manipulate and heavy enough to form a sturdy structure.

simple fort builder kit for children

What you get: 130 heavy, colorful 8″ straws. 100 connectors
Why we love it: It’s easy enough for kids as young as Pre-K to get a kick out of it, yet adaptable enough to be used for more complex designs and multi-dimensional shapes and forms for older kids. 
What can you build: For starters, try a house, rocket ship, car or boat. But, the possibilities are near endless. 
Most helpful review: “Great, open-ended, creative building toy. Fun to do with child, or for child to work on by him or herself.”
Ages: 3+

best fort building kit for kids

#7 best fort building kit

7. Fortamajig
Fortamajig is an innovative way of creating a fort with absolutely no connecting tubes. This fort kit is actually comprised of connecting fabric panels and a locking tab system. Not only does this mean that you’ll never lose a piece, it folds down for insanely easy storage. Plus, it’s portable, durable and washable. As a companion item, check out Connectables (manufactured by the same company but can be used with or without the Fortamajig).fort kits for kids
What you get: large, durable fort fabric with connecting velcro loops.
What can you build: Open, breezy forts with lots of room to play underneath.
Why we love it: The velcro loops mean you can connect it to almost ANYTHING.
Most helpful review: “My nine year old daughter and her friends have used it to create a special sleepover hideout. My six year old son loves using it, too.”
Ages 3+

best fort building kits

#6 best fort building kit

6. Tubelox
Although it’s on the pricier side, it’s the only play for building kit we’ve come across that kids can actually climb on top of. Allows kids to combine their creativity and innovation with spatial reasoning and architectural skills, all while designing and building their own play structure. For the nostalgic parents, Tubelox is reminiscent of a popular toy from the 1980’s known as Omagles, which are now very difficult to find.

kids play fort toys

What you get: 220 parts, including PVC pipe builders and connectors, and instructions for 40+ Designs
Why we love it: A great introduction to principles of design, architecture, and engineering; including gravity, weight, balance, stability, and symmetry.
What can you build: Almost any geometric shape, from huge, astoundingly sturdy structures, to usable cars, homes and rocket ship. Kids can even climb and sit on the solidly built parts!
Most helpful review: “Believe me, this fort building kit is something your kid will not get bored of. This toy is educational, it has longevity and it will keep them entertained for hours.”
Ages: 3+

best build a fort kits for kids

#5 best fort building kit

5. Box creations
The “storage-space-challenged” families out there will love these strong 32ECT corrugate board forts. There’s no sharp edges, the cardboard is way more durable than you’d expect. The parts folds down for easy storage, too.play fort kit for children

What you get: sturdy interlocking corrugate building walls, 4 markers for decorating
What can you build: Try Pirate Ship, Castle, or Playhouse fort kit varieties.
Why we love it: It’s made out of lightweight cardboard, but double locking tabs provide amazing stability and strength. this also means fewer parts and it packs down flat! It accommodates 2 to 3 children at a single time, and can be completely customized by your child. Overall, an extremely versatile fort kit.
Most helpful review: “Got the play house for my daughter’s 5 year old birthday party. Boy, was it a hit! Kids colored the house with water colors, decorated with glitter glue, ran in and out. They were playing with it for hours.”
Ages 2+

fort building toys

#4 best fort building kit

4. Fort Boards
This somewhat unique spin on forts eschews the traditional peg and connector model, resulting in a cool play pattern that provides open-ended, active play while it fosters creativity, spatial reasoning, imagination and engineering / STEM skills. It’s even used by pediatric occupational therapists to help develop crucial fine motor coordination.

What you get: 44 boards (8”x 8”) and 46 interlocking connectors
What can you build: 20 square feet of total surface area means you can build almost any structure with flat solid planes, especially structures or vehicles. 
Why we love it: The construction possibilities of this awesome fort toy are HUGE, but it packs away incredibly small – the parts all nest into each other for easy storage & space efficiency (approximately the size of a few shoe boxes).
Most helpful review: “Once the kids realize how they snap together, their imaginations take off and they build amazing structures.”
Ages 5+

#3 best fort building kit

3. Densters by Kidesign
A set of multi-functional toy monsters that affix onto furniture, blankets and bed-sheets, letting children construct amazing dens and forts inside. Densters were created by educators, designers, architects, engineers, illustrators, and child psychologists.

What you get: A variety of playful, friendly characters that also double as amazing fort clips (Cheekaboo, Wizetta, Grumpo, Hoopsta, Snella & three Zigzies). 
What can you build: Tents, teepees, and fabric forts 
Why we love them: Densters make attaching blankets and bedsheets to furniture completely frustration free, will never sit in a box due to their multi-use design, and bring your child’s bedroom forts to life!

Not yet available on Amazon. Check it out now at Kickstarter .

#2 best fort building kit

2. Toobeez EZ Fort
Stimulate independence and imagination with the fort builder that makes it incredibly easy for tiny hands to construct big creations, indoors and outdoors.

What you get: 54 pieces total – 20-24″ spheres, 20-24″ tubes, 14-17″ tubes
What can you build: forts, playhouses, tents, an obstacle course, soccer or hockey goal, etc. 
Why we love it: EZ Fort is a fantastically open-ended building system that offers high quality yet low cost fun, and is the perfect size for any living room, bedroom or den.
Most helpful review: “He hasn’t stopped building since opening the box last week!”
Ages 3+

#1 best fort building kit

1. Crazy Fort
An extremely durable, portable, and easy to construct fort building kit. Add your own sheet to make it an awesome blanket fort kit!

What you get: 69 pieces total- 25 geometrically precise solid plastic balls and 44 reinforced sticks
Why we love it: while the pieces are not flexible like some other kits, this does make the creations more durable and permanent, making this the best fort to play in once it has been assembled. 
What can you build: Comes with an instruction manual that helps you assemble mostly geometric constructions, like tents, igloos, houses, etc. 
Most helpful review: “We’ve had this toy for over a year and still play with it on a regular basis.”
Ages 5+

Update: Air Fort – A NEW and AWESOME rainy day fort, no couch or sheets required!
“Escape the real world and create your own fantasy land inside this dazzling hideaway.” 
If you’re looking for a fort with absolutely NO cleanup, inflate this extraordinary kids fort in under 30 seconds using (almost) any ordinary household fan and climb inside!

It secures easily to the fan with adhesive tabs, and since it does not have a bottom, simply lift any part of the tent to get in and out. The air fort deflates only slightly when lifted, and once it has returned to the ground it fully inflates again.

best build a fort kit

This awesome play fort kit is powered by a fan on low, meaning it’s not loud in there – and since the fabric is naturally breathable, keep the fan on at all times for a breezy, fun fort. Depending on what kind of fan you use, the fort only takes 10-30 seconds to inflate completely. A mesh safety divider keeps all play away from the fan. 
It doesn’t come with a fan, but any standard box fan will do (20″ household box fan or 18″ tabletop round fan) – and who doesn’t have one of those laying around the house anyways? The 100% polyester, breathable fabric fort is 77″ wide X 50″ tall, so up to 5 kids (or adults!) can fit in this awesome fort.

Parents will love the transparent window panel that allows you to observe all of the occupants of the fort from the outside. Air forts is one of the best indoor fort kits for kids we’ve ever seen! Done playing? The air fort deflates in seconds once the fan is turned off, and easily folds up into the included bag.

Check out the Air Fort here.

BONUS: Best snow fort building kit!

Gives you the best snow fort building tools you need for winter fun! You can even take the snow fort building outside in the winter and build amazing snow castle forts – instantly transform your backyard into a perfect medieval snow fortress! Ideal Sno-Castle Kit includes castle wall molds for unbeatable snow forts.

best snow fort building toys

What you get: snow brick mold / snow block maker, mold release tool, (4) windows, (2) doors and a snow sculpting tool
Why we love it: You can mold snow bricks and design your own sturdy snow kingdom, making you an unbeatable opponent in any snowball fight. There’s even the functionality to add doors and windows, sculpt turrets, and construct a drawbridge or a moat.
What can you build: Snow forts and snow castles (duh!)
Most helpful review: “Will give your children hours of entertainment outdoors!”

Ages 5+

back yard snow fort maker


Whether you’re building a fort in your living room // or // building a fort in the woods!
Enjoy your indoor AND outdoor fort building kits! The best part about these 8 DIY fort building kits is that everything disassembles as easily as it assembles, letting your kids build and re-build their forts.

Fort building kits combine the construction fun of building blocks with the walk-in size of tents and teepees! We strive to find awesome blanket fort kits, indoor fort kits, outdoor fort kits, blanket fort kits, and more fort builders that inspire imagination.

All of the fort-building kits in the Smart-Toys Best Forts list encourage and promote:
 -planning, creativity, and imagination 
 -construction, spatial reasoning, and gross motor 
 -social play and interaction  
 -confidence and life skills 
Best of all, YOU will be able to see the child’s face light up when they finish their play fort building kit and realize what their focus, hard work, and inventiveness has accomplished.

construction fort building kits

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You can construct a fort almost as big as your imagination! 
Letting kids’ imaginations run wild as they make believe in their magic kingdoms and secret hideouts will develop their physical, mental, and social skills! Even if you have a limited space in your home or apartment for fort building, these top ten amazing fort building kits will let them build to their heart’s content.

Best fort building toys – Top 10  fort construction  kits for kids
Looking for an absolutely amazing fort building toy? These 10 great build-and-play construction sets allow kids to have fun while they learn about basic building techniques. When they are done, they can camp indoors or hide away in their new creation, promoting creativity as well as imaginative make believe play. Help guide your kids in the assembly of a multitude of amazing fort designs.

We strive to bring you the absolute best fort building kits, but as always, be sure to verify manufacturers recommended age and other warnings. Smart-Toys is not affiliated with the manufacturers. We are participants in the Amazon Affiliate program, which means that commission from affiliate links helps to support this site’s mission at no additional cost to you. Read more about us here. Thanks for reading our guide to the best fort building toys and kits!