10 Best Bounce Houses For Home Use

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Practical, Fun, Affordable; and a great way to get kids to exercise, develop their gross motor control, and burn off excess energy. Bouncy castles are synonymous with good old-fashioned, nostalgic backyard fun.

10 Best Bounce Houses For Home Use

Here are the best bounce houses we’ve rated for home use:

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best bounce houses for home use

Many parents have discovered that buying a bounce house is a long-lasting investment in family fun. They’re safe and entertaining, and are adaptable to countless activities including sliding, basketball, climbing, tunneling, and water games… Watch your children’s faces light up when they round the corner to see what’s waiting for them in their backyard!

Consider your bounce house an investment – you will be sure that there’s always a fun, easy way to keep the kids entertained during parties, barbecues, and gatherings. Remember, it one or two uses per year before you are saving money by purchasing a bouncy castle outright rather than renting one.

“If you anticipate using the bounce house at least twice, you may find yourself saving money over the long run by purchasing, instead of renting.”

10 Best Bouncy Houses For Home Use

We rank the top bounce castles for backyard residential use:
With Premium-Quality, Durable Bouncy Castles Starting below $200, You’ll Never Have to Rent Again. Inflatable bounce houses are fantastic fun (and exercise!) for parties, group gatherings or everyday play. Previously, parents would have had to pay a minimum of $1-200 to rent a commercial bounce castle; now parents can purchase bounce houses for continuous enjoyment for about the same cost as a rental – if you know where to look.

#10 best bounce house for kids

#10 – Cloud 9 Jungle Bounce House with Climbing Wall and Slide
Dimensions : 13.5 x 12 x 8.5 feet
Capacity : Fire-resistant, puncture-proof, heavy duty 420D Nylon holds up to 5 kids or 500 lbs
Why we love it : A cool jungle-themed bouncy castle with slick PVC for easy sliding and a great inflatable climbing wall.
Bonus : Comes with a bounce area, slide, climbing wall, and basketball hoop
What are people saying?
So much fun and cheaper to use this twice versus renting one! Kids love it.
residential bounce houses for sale cheap

#9 best bounce house for kids

#9 – Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk
Dimensions : 14 x 14 x 7 feet
Capacity : heavy-duty pucture-proof material holds up to 5 kids or 500 lbs
Why we love it : A fantastic inflatable castle! This bounce house has an extra large floor, for only a small increase in price. The extra capacity makes it the perfect bounce house for birthday parties, barbecues, block parties, and more.
Bonus : It’s big enough for team games!
What are people saying?
The best residential bounce house; a great investment. Kept the kids busy all day… and it holds a lot of kids.
residential inflatable bounce house for sale

#8 best bounce house for kids

#8 – Bounceland Castle
Dimensions : 12 x 9 x 7 feet
Capacity : heavy-duty pucture-proof material holds up to 3 kids or 300 lbs
Why we love it : It’s an amazing value for the size, making it one of the best bounce houses for residential and backyard use if you have the space.
Bonus : it comes with a basketball hoop and slide!
What are people saying?
An awesome bouncy castle that holds up to major abuse, even in a daycare setting, and keeps the kids majorly entertained.
durable bouncy castles for home use

#7 best bounce house for kids

#7 – Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer
Dimensions : 5.75 x 5.75 x 4.5 feet
Capacity : thick & durable “Phthalate Free” PVC material is great for up to 2 kids or 120 lbs
Why we love it : It’s an amazingly inexpensive entry level bounce house for toddlers. Soft inflatable, floor and high walls provide a safe bouncing platform for kids ages 3-6. 
Bonus : Getting kids started early with the type of physical activity encouraged by indoor bouncy castles will promote physical development, balance, coordination and exercise.
What are people saying?
Best residential bounce house for toddlers. An ideal bounce house for younger kids, smaller indoor spaces or during the cold winter season.
best indoor bounce house for kids

#6 best bounce house for kids

#6 – Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides
Dimensions : 15 x 16 x 7 feet
Capacity : Commercial grade impact surfaces hold up to 6 kids
Why we love it : A super large bounce house and obstacle course with slides; this is the perfect bounce house if you’re looking for something a little bigger. It will hold
Bonus : features an 8 x 8 foot bounce area, with 2 mega slides and the Tiki Lagoon. Despite being amazingly large (and still under $800), it still inflates in under 2 minutes and packs down to the size of a rolled sleeping bag.
What are people saying?
We were looking for a small jumper but got this instead…  I’m so glad we did.
Amazing for wet or dry play – a huge hit with all of the family and neighborhood kids! Best purchase we ever made.
best residential bounce house water slides

#5 best bounce house for kids

#5 – KidWise Little Star Bounce House with Ball Pit
Dimensions : 9 x 9 x 6 feet
Capacity : heavy-duty pucture-proof material holds up to 3 kids or 300 lbs 
Why we love it : East, fast setup! One of the fastest bounce castles to set-up that we tested – ready to go in 5 minuted and breaks down in 5 minutes. 
Bonus : this bounce house comes with a slide and ball pit (and the balls are included)! 
What are people saying? 
Hands down the best bounce house for kids. So sturdy… it comes with a repair kit (which we’ve never had to use).
bounce house reviews

#4 best bounce house for kids

#4 – Bounceland Big Splash Dual Water Slides and Pool Water Park 
Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 8 feet
Capacity: Heavy-duty puncture proof materials with double to quadruple stitches is great for kids up to 100 lbs
Why we love it: The absolute best bounce house for pool parties
Bonus: Longer (6+ feet) fill tube so blower can be placed farther away from the water slide.
What are people saying?
I bought it for my son’s third birthday yesterday and it was amazing!
It inflated in just 2 minutes, the kids had fun for hours, and it was easy to fold up and store in the garage in minutes.
best bouncy house for home use

#3 best bounce house for kids

#3 – Kidwise Obstacle Racer Inflatable Bouncer
Dimensions : 19 x 7 x 9 feet
Capacity : 4 kids or 400 lbs
Why we love it : Awesome oversized inflatable obstacle course
Bonus : Double entry allows 2 kids to enter at once to compete in the obstacle challenge
What are people saying?
This thing is awesome, my kids love it. We have been using this bouncer for two years with no problems.
bounce house obstacle course residential

#2 best bounce house for kids

#2 – Magic Castle Bounce House
Dimensions : 11 x 8.5 x 8 feet
Capacity : heavy-duty pucture-proof material holds up to 3 kids or 300 lbs
Why we love it : It’s a huge backyard bouncy castle, but it packs down super small for compact storage.  
Bonus : Entry ramp slide and raised walls for conversion to a bouncy house ball pit. 
What are people saying?
One of the best castle themed moon bounces around. It’s also one of the best indoor bounce houses due to the size. It will even fit in most garages, basements, or play rooms when fully inflated.
best indoor bounce house

#1 best bounce house for kids

#1 – Blast Zone Buccaneer Pirate Water Slide
Dimensions : 14 x 9 x 8 feet
Capacity : 350 lbs
Why we love it : a fun pirate themed bouncy slide with an extra large splash area and water blaster.  
Bonus : comes with a water slide, water cannon, and climbing wall
What are people saying?
This water park has been great for my kids! All the neighborhood kids love to come over and play. Very durable and hours of fun.
best bounce house for home use

Bounce houses are portable and convenient

If the weather does not permit you to play with the bounce house outside, they can even be assembled inside for the day! Unlike other popular backyard play implements like swing sets, slides, trampolines, basketball hoops, and above ground pools, an inflatable bouncy castle can easily be stored in a box in the garage or basement when not in use.

You May be Better Off Buying a Bounce House, Rather Than Renting One

It is possible to buy a well-designed and durable entry-level bouncy castle for under $200. However, even for premium models, you can often purchase them for only around 2x the cost of renting them, giving you time after time of enjoyment.

Even less expensive bouncy castles can be durable and long-lasting

While residential inflatable bouncers are designed for less frequent use than their commercial rental counterparts, it’s possible to buy high quality inflatable bouncers that can endure years of use and abuse, for not much more than the cost of a rental. Durable materials like PVC tarpaulin and woven oxford cloth will last you season after season. The longest lasting bounce houses will have a balanced weave of double, triple, or quadruple stitching.

Bouncy castles with continually flowing air (meaning they come with air pumps that continually cycle air throughout) will be more durable because air can escape during play, minimizing the risk of tears and other damages. If you plan to use the inflatable bounce house very regularly, you may find it worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty. But remember, you can also always patch any minor punctures or rips with a repair kit.

best bounce house in the world

The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect bounce house:

A high quality bounce house will be built using large sheets of commercial grade vinyl or similar material, rather than many smaller pieces (in order to minimize seam separation between the surfaces)
Attributes of a good bouncy castle:
Is it built to last?
Is it safe, durable, and fun to use?
Does it have extra reinforcement in stress areas?
Are splash areas shallower than 6 inches?
Also consider bouncy castle safety
Safety should be the primary concern when shopping for inflatable bounce houses. With care and proper use, bouncy houses can be safe and fun alternatives to trampolines. Be certain to ask yourself these important questions before buying (and using) a bounce house:
What is the total weight capacity of the bounce house?
What is the maximum number of children can use it at once?
How much does each child that will use it weigh?
Are there sturdy inflatable columns and proper netting enclosures on at least three of the sides?

In addition, bouncy castles must always be properly staked or weighted down with sandbags. If you follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings, obey maximum weight and occupancy limits, group children of similar ages and sizes together, and use adult supervision, there is no reason that you cannot safely enjoy a bounce house.

Fun facts about bouncy castles

The purported biggest bouncy castle is an whopping 893 feet long (well over the length of 2 football fields) and is affectionately nicknamed “The Beast”. It is made up of 32 separate inflatables, and currently resides in Belgium, where it is used as an obstacle course to help adults feel like kids again.

History of bouncy castles

The original inflatable structure was invented by John Scurlock in 1959, an engineer that also developed fire department safety air cushions for catching evacuees.

Over the next 30 years, family members of John including his wife Frances and son Frank created various companies around the idea, including rental companies called Space Walk and Inflatable Zoo, and play parks called Fun Factory and Fun Plex. Frank also invented the first inflatable water slide, named the Aqua Tunnel.

Common questions about bounce houses:

-It’s completely OK to hear air escaping out of the inflatable or to see air bubbles in the water slides. Most bouncy castles utilize continuous airflow, generated from a powered air blower that pumps air into the inflatable nonstop during use. Excess air is allowed to escape, which helps the bounce house to avoid damage from over-inflation or sudden stress.

Bounce houses should be setup on level ground, preferably over grass for maximum safety when exiting the inflatable. However, they may also be setup on concrete by using a tarp or rubber mat, and sand bags as weights instead of stakes. Beware of overhead limitations when setting up the bounce house.
Ensure that the pump is compatible with your outlets BEFORE setting up your bounce house.
Allow a minimum of 4 feet behind the bounce house, so as to leave room for the pump and flexible air tube. Setting a bouncy castle up indoors is perfectly fine as long as there is space for the inflatable and pump to be operated safely.
No shoes or sharp objects (including exposed metal zippers, hair clips, certain toys, etc.) should be permitted inside of the bouncy castle.
Inflatables should not be installed outdoors during poor weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, or thunderstorms. Feel free to use them inside on such days.
Sporadic usage of a bouncy castle is generally not damaging to the lawn. Installing it over a tarp and anchoring it with properly secured stakes should minimize any problems.

Some ideas for more places inflatable bouncy castles can be used

  • Inside the home or in the backyard
  • Day Care, Church, or School
  • Town days or Fairs
  • Summer Camp
  • Neighborhood Collective or Block Party
  • Special Events for Karate Studio, Dance Studio

Popular bounce house themes:

  • Inflatable Slides or Water Slides
  • Inflatable Ball Pits
  • Inflatable Basketball, Inflatable Mini Golf, Inflatable Rock Wall, Inflatable Boxing Ring, and other sports
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Special themes including princess bouncy castles
  • Floating bouncy castles for the lake or pool

Still not ready for the investment? Here are some cheaper alternatives to bouncy castles:
An amazing inflatable “zorb” style blow-up play ball that gets kids moving and laughing, bumping and bouncing.

bounce house alternatives

Kids up to 200 lbs can get inside and roll along by walking foot over foot, crawling, or being pushed

cloud 9 bounce house


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