What is the best fidget spinner for antsy kids?

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Our favorite fidget spinners

Best hand spinners for kids
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Fidget Spinners have recently been so popular that it has practically become a fidget craze.

best handheld fidget spinners for kids

Spinning toy for kids!

An increasing awareness of the educational benefits of fidget toys, fueled partially by recent studies that indicate that busy hands lead to improved concentration have fueled the surge in popularity of fidget spinners. Current research indicates that when nervous and fretful energy is redirected in an appropriate way, kids are better able to focus on the task at hand. Contrary to what was once commonly believed, channeling that energy with fidget spinners allows kids greater concentration and ultimately better performance.

Fidget spinners are a particularly effective tool for keeping restless hands busy and fidgety kids on task because the motion is simple and repetitive, meaning it is not a cognitively strenuous task. In other words, a fidget spinner is an effective fidget tool because it is able to redirect extraneous energy in a way that is not overly distracting (for the fidgeter or the other kids nearby). They are usually a completely silent fidget toy, making them a perfect classroom fidget (or office toy!).

best fidget toys

Fidget spinners also have the additional benefit of preventing other unwanted behaviors, including potentially irritating habits like smoking, nail biting, hair twirling or leg bouncing. Depending on a variety of factors digits can range from a few dollars to considerably more expensive. Entry level spinners are perfect for most kids, although kids with ADHD or special needs that use fidget spinners on a regular basis may have better results with a fidget designed for frequent use and that can handle the additional mileage.

Smart-Toys recommend fidget spinners as a method of improving attention for all kids, whether in classrooms (that permit them), at home, or during any time spent working on a particularly difficult task. The more mentally strenuous a task is, the more a fidget spinner can help a child dedicate the appropriate amount of mental resources to the project, while filtering out distracting impulses. They also alleviate mild (or even moderate) anxiety or stress.

Best Hand Spinners

Our recommendations for fidget spinners for kids: 
As of the time of publication, the following are the best-selling fidget spinners (and also some of the top rated [non 3-D printed] fidget spinners).

The #6 best fidget spinner for kids

EWR Fidget Spinner Toy

fidget toys

The hybrid ceramic center bearing +3 steel bearings in the outer spokes means 4 different ways to spin and an amazing 1-3 minutes of spin duration.
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The #5 best fidget spinner for kids

A 2-tier planetary gear design makes the outer edges of this fidget spinner rotate at the same rate as the center hub. It has a beautiful, almost steam punk inspired feel and an extremely smooth spin.
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The #4 best fidget spinner for kids

An ultra-compact brass and copper fidget spinner with a single ball bearing, that is perfectly weighted for a smooth, long lasting spin.
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The #3 best fidget spinner for kids

Beautifully designed, metallic fidget spinner with abec 7 hybrid ceramic bearings. This work of art is also truly a high performance hand spinner.
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The #2 best fidget spinner for kids

A ninja throwing star inspired spinner laser cut from wood. 4 spinners, tactile material, and a beautiful traditional look make this fidget spinner a must-have restless hands toy.
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The #1 best fidget spinner for kids

An awesome see-through spinner made from laser-cut clear acrylic plastic, meaning it almost looks like the outer hubs are hovering when it is being spun.
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Overview of the benefits of fidget spinners for kids:
-fidget spinners are great for helping kids to stay focused on demanding tasks or projects
-fidget spinners can help to combat bat habits or compulsions
-fidget spinners have additional benefits for kids with ADD, ADHD, autism, and countless special needs applications
-fidget spinners have numerous occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) applications
-fidget spinners help with stress and anxiety relief
-fidget spinners improve overall concentration and focus / attention to detail

Some things to consider before buying a fidget spinner:
-do I want a ball bearing or non ball bearing fidget?
Ball bearing spinners can be more expensive but are smoother and easier to spin
-do I want a dual-bar, tri-bar, or even quad-bar spinner?

best fidget toys for kids

How to use a fidget spinner (for beginners)

Fidget spinners work by holding either a center hub or outer spoke between two fingers, most commonly the thumb and forefinger or thumb and middle finger. Relax, move the hand gently, and watch the fidget toy begin to spin almost effortlessly. The amount and quality of the ball bearings determines the smoothness and duration of the spin.

If you’re having trouble getting started, hold the fidget spinner in one hand and give it small, continuous flicks or whacks with the other hand to get it started and keep it spinning indefinitely.

Remember, fidget spinners must be used responsibly in order to be an effective tool to improve concentration. Fidget spinners only improve focus when they are easy and automatic enough to be in the background of the child’s attention. If a fidget tool becomes the center of attention, it is working counter-actively to the intended purpose.

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