Toys to help kids learn Spanish

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Spanish toys for toddlers

Many schools begin teaching kids foreign languages such as French and Spanish around the sixth grade. But is this too late?

Research is very clear that that the earlier a child begins to learn a new language, the better.

Due to a concept known as brain plasticity, younger people can learn new ideas and concepts more quickly than adults, whose brains are more fully formed. Kids who start learning Spanish early gave greater overall comprehension, longer language retention rates, better fluency and vocabulary, and higher language production skills. As a parent, anything that you can do to encourage your kids to learn Spanish early will only benefit then in the long run.

Toys to help kids learn Spanish

You can give you kid a leg up for school and later on in life by exposing them to Spanish early, while their pliable brains can more readily absorb a new language. It will be much easier for them to learn if they build a good foundation as young children than to start from scratch in middle school or later.

Why teaching kids a foreign language is important
In today’s global economy, an understanding of foreign languages and culture is correlated with better career outcomes, as potential employers will look favorably upon these skills. It also demonstrates the candidates ability to learn new skills, which is beneficial in any office environment.

Toys to help kids learn Spanish
Obviously, young kids do not want to sit down and run Spanish conjugation drills or practice vocabulary by rote memory. Thus, it is important to find ways to make language learning fun!

The best way to do this is to slowly incorporate Spanish language learning toys into their regular playtime. At first, they will barely notice that they are learning while they play. As your kids advance, you can begin to integrate more and more challenging Spanish learning toys.

A review of our favorite Spanish learning toys for toddlers

Top six toys for helping kids learn Spanish

Chicco Bilingual Teddy
A great bilingual taking plush toy for toddlers aged 9 months and up, it will teach them to count, sing nursery rhymes, and basic vocabulary in English and Spanish.

Not only does it promote creativity and imagination through role playing, it also teaches language skills through Sing and Learn, Melodies and Farm sounds modes.

Some of the included Spanish skills are ABC’s, 123’s, colors, opposites, and animal sounds.

Toggle between Espanol/English modes with the touch of a button.

spanish toys for toddlers

5 sides of fun and educational games, including letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

toys for learning spanish

All of these toys can help your child learn a foreign language faster! It’s important to start exposure to Spanish early in life for optional results.

By slowly integrating these children’s Spanish learning tools into playtime, you are helping to create a solid foundation for language learning later in life. This will give your children a leg up in school, and ultimately in the workforce.

Also never forget to get your kids practicing Spanish in other ways! These bilingual toys will only get your toddler so far; they will eventually also benefit from focused tutilage, practicing with fluent speakers that can guide and correct their speaking, and immersion. For more tips, visit Ten steps to teach your toddler Spanish .

We hope to have helped you get your kids started on their Spanish language learning journey! If you have any feedback for us, or comments or suggestions about how you helped your kids learn to speak Spanish, please let us know! Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list below for more bilingual toys, Spanish language learning tools for kids and other toy and parenting advice.

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