Top 10 toys for girls – Christmas 2017 edition

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Smart-Toys ranks the greatest girl toys for kids of the 2017 Holiday season.

The best toys for girls – Christmas 2017

Best toys for girls Christmas 2017

Whether you are shopping for a daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, mother, coworker, or friend, Smart-Toys guides can help you find the absolute best toy for any age. Smart-Toys picks excellent toys that meet our selective criteria for developing kids mental and physical abilities. They must:

  • engage the kids actively, rather than turning them into passive recipients of entertainment
  • be engaging and attention grabbing
  • have appeal to many ages and developmental abilities
  • benefit the child by helping them learn a new skill, enhancing creativity, promoting confidence and self sufficiency, or giving them opportunities to explore
  • be open ended and adaptable to many styles of play

So you want to give your child the best Christmas gift this year? All right already, look no further:

Best toys for girls – Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 hot toy list - best gifts for girls

Top Christmas gifts for girls

Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart
Inspire creative play (or a future in medicine?) with light & sound patient scanner, a talking EKG area with a printout EKG roller, a kid powered blood pressure pump, a real working drawer, and a patient bed. 
Ages 3-6 years
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best christmas toys for a girl 2017
Pom Pom Wow decoration station
A fabulous and creative kit that is easy to use for hours of craft fun. This easily assembled and easily folded set allows kids to decorate anything and everything with pom-poms. Doesn’t make a mess, and won’t take up a lot of space.
Ages 6+
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christmas gift for girl best friend 2017
Build-A-Bear Workshop – Stuffing Station
No need to go to the store – stuff, dress, and cuddle 2 Build-A-Bear Furry Friends right from inside your own home with the Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station! Choose from the two unique bears provided in every kit for creative, social play, plus personalize your Build-A-Bear with an assortment of included accessories, no batteries are required.
Ages 4+
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christmas gift every girl wants
Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Inch Kid
Get nostalgic! A revamped world famous 14″ Cabbage Patch Kid doll was launched this year by Wicked Cool Toys, but with improved modern style and updated fashions. Includes adoption papers from Babyland General Hospital, and a variety of accessories including glasses, bracelets, tiaras, and more. 
Ages 3+ 
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christmas gift guide little girl
Chip the Robotic Dog 
Chip (a smart, affectionate, and trainable robot dog) can respond to you through touch, SmartBand, or the CHiP app, will recognize and follow you, and even play fetch! The behavior and personality of the intelligent, friendly robot puppy responds to your interaction with him – so, just like a real pet, every one is unique. Real-time processing using advanced sensors and smart accessories allows Chip to see, speak, listen, and feel, while he explores his own world independently.
Ages 8+
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top 10 girls christmas toys
LEGO Friends Heartlake Party Shop
Flex design and architecture skills while you build the single-story Heartlake Party Shop building featuring an opening door, revolving carousel display, 2 display stands, cash register, chocolate fountain and a gumball machine.
Ages 6+
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top 10 toys this christmas girls 2017
A interactive tech toy that includes over one hundred phrases, which are easily activated by the way the child holds the toy. Teach her new phrases from “I love you” to “How are you feeling?” simply by placing her in a new position. Brightlings can records any sound and play them back in a distinct voice, as well as sings six different styles of music (opera, jazz, beat box, rock and more).
Ages 2+
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hottest toys for girls xmas 2017
Fun interactive, magical creatures that hatch from an egg (while teaching communication and nurturing). The child then raises the toy through various lifestyle stages.
Ages 5+
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popular girl toys for christmas 2017
Furby Connect
The Furby Connect friend gets updates from the app, learns new phrases, expresses emotions using over 150 colorful eye animations, communicates, and reacts!
Ages 6+
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hot toys for girls christmas 2017

Christmas is in the air! If you are looking for the best Christmas toys for girls, look no further than this top ten list from SmartToys!

Read more about how Smart-Toys picks amazing toys for our Holiday Toy List here . We strive to find the best toys to help kids grow up active and smart.There is nothing that can beat the feeling of seeing a smile on a child’s face as they unwrap the absolutely perfect toy that’s been waiting for them under the tree. Smart-Toys is here to guide you to the perfect toy to bring your child joy this Christmas. The toy and game industry is constantly changing – we carefully and systematically monitor the top Holiday toy trends so that you don’t have to dig through millions of toy guides to find the right gift from Santa.

It’s always a challenge to narrow the best toys of Christmas down to just 10 (and 2017 was no different!); so, we’re sure we missed out on a few awesome toys. Be sure to browse our hundreds of other articles for more great toy ideas this Christmas.

We hope this Christmas toy list is an inspiration for gift ideas that will delight and engage your kids this year. All of the items we pick are hand selected, taking into account popular demand, overall industry trends, published reviews from other parents, and the best deals on price. Be sure to pick your Christmas gifts now while there’s still availability- don’t wait until the last minute! Happy Holidays!

We hope our reviews help you find the hottest toys for Christmas 2017. Still need more tips? Check out the Holiday Toy List , Amazon’s attempt to identify the hottest toy trends.

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TIP: Don’t wait until last minute for popular Holiday toys! Toy manufacturers try to accurately project demand for their hottest Christmas toys, but it’s an imperfect science, and the best ones may run out. Don’t let your perfect toy go out of stock! Order now to be sure get it in time for Christmas!

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