Summer outdoor play ideas

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Tons of ideas for playing outside

It seemed like winter would last forever, but now it’s nearly Summertime, and the weather is heating up! It’s time to pack away the sweaters and start digging the outdoor toys out of the back of the garage and GET PLAYING!

best outdoor play toys 2017

Here at SmartToys we are huge advocates of encouraging outdoor play. One of the most important jobs a parent has during a lazy summer is to get those kids up off of the couch and moving.

But, with the allure of air conditioning, TV, and, videogames, this can be a more and more difficult task. If you think you’re up to the challenge, we’re here to help you out with some great ideas for summer fun!

Great outdoor play ideas

Bubbles are great for almost any age range. Young kids are captivated by the allure of shiny, shimmering bubbles, and seemingly never tire of chasing them and giggling when they pop. Older kids will invent games around the bubble such as trying to catch or bounce them without popping or compete over who can make the largest bubble. Best of all, any age or ability can enjoy the magic of bubbles; in fact, they are commonly used in pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy communities. Besides, at only a few bucks per gallon of solution with included wand, it’s the cheapest way to keep kids entertained (that will last the whole season). Check out the best bubbles for kids .

best bubbles for kids

Stilts are a classic outdoor play pattern that too few parents actually own in this day and age. But, stilts help kids with balance and coordination, proprioception (awareness of your own body positioning in physical space), and are actually a phenomenal cardiovascular workout. Kids get a kick out of walking so high above the ground, yet repositionable stilt heights and armpit or elbow rests give parents peace of mind that modern stilts are designed with child safety in mind. Your kids will have competitions with the neighborhood kids to see who can walk further without stepping down off the stilts, and vie for the position of highest walker. They really are a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and exercise. Check out the best stilts for kids .

Super Soakers
There is almost no child alive who doesn’t love water fights. Give your kids the edge up on the competition by getting them one of these best Super Soakers ┬áto help drench their enemies. Water fights get kids running, jumping, climbing and hiding without ever realizing that they are exercising. But, the water will help keep them from overheating during a hot summer day. It’s one of the best ways to cool off during summer break!

best water guns for kids

Bounce houses
These amazing inventions go by many names: bounce houses, bouncy houses, bouncy castle; but one fact is undeniable, they are a hit with kids. No longer relegated to the county fair, field day, or block party, parents now have the option of selecting from one of these best bounce houses for home use . Bouncy castles are now inexpensive enough and simple enough to set up that they can be effectively utilized for residential use, making them a great addition to any birthday party or neighborhood backyard barbecue. Bounce houses are a full body muscular workout for kids and get their heart rates sufficiently elevated for a monster cardio session. Kids go into the bouncy house excited and come out sweaty, happy and tired. They are a classic summer icon of fun, and we are elated that they have been suitably adapted for household use.

If you are looking for a summer project that will make your house the envy of the neighborhood, check out these DIY tree house kits . While they will require a tiny bit of handiness and know-how, these kits make building an awesome tree fort much simpler than starting from scratch. The sets provide you with plans and the necessary hardware, you just bring lumber. Tree houses provide children with a great outdoor space which is all their own, to customize and give a foundation for imaginative play and exploration.

DIY tree house kits