Our favorite clip on stroller toy

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Best clip on stroller toy

How do you keep your baby from getting bored while stuck in the car seat or stroller? As an alternative to a cumbersome car seat toy bar, try a simple clip on toy that is safe, lightweight, and portable.

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Our favorite clip-on car seat toy / stroller toys

Keep your little one entertained during travel, walks, or long rides: Your baby can have fun anytime with Fun Flex! Fun-Flex has a commitment to support baby’s developmental needs with fun toys, accessories and more that can be taken anywhere you and your baby go, and they have over 42 available combinations to do so. Their products are the winners of countless awards including 2016 Product of the Year Award and 2016 Preferred Choice Award.

Remember, for safety purposes, items that are played with in the car should be secure and lightweight! Always attached any clip-on car seat toy to a handle or secure part of the car seat or stroller; never the safety straps!

Our favorite clip on stroller toy:

The Fun-Flex Frog Mirror is a fantastic, visually appealing clip on stroller toy (or clip on high chair toy, clip on crib toy … )
Portable, yet can connect to just about to any surface easily and securely.

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Did you know? Mirror play actually helps to bolster your baby’s development. Research shows that mirrors for babies develop early self-awareness, a building block of independence. From the moment of birth and on, a baby’s preferred object to gaze at is a human face – and babies recognize faces before any other object or pattern. Beyond this, mirrors help baby’s visual development by improving focus, and image tracking, all while allowing them to explore facial expressions and emotions.

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Our favorite clip on car seat toy:

The Fun-Flex Smiling Crab with bold colors and high contrasts stimulates visual development. When the ball is pulled down the Smiling Crab creates fun sounds to entertain and delight baby. Portable, yet can connect to just about to any surface easily and securely.
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Did you know? This type of toy helps develop recognition of cause and effect, allowing them to learn about their own power to change the environment around them. This is an early building block of whole-body movement, navigation, and social interaction.

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Why we love Fun-Flex:

Fun-Flex toys are developmentally appropriate, portable toys that are lightweight and small enough to be great baby travel toys for the car, plane, or stroller.

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