Our Favorite American-Made Toys

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Best Toys Made in the USA

There are a lot of reasons to buy American made toys: supporting the local economy, creating jobs, knowing exactly where the materials made to use it came from, or just being able to call up the company if you have a question. Ever since a huge 2007 lead paint recall on almost 20 million Mattel toys made in China thrust toy safety to the forefront of parents’ minds, buying American-made toys has become even more important for many families.

Made in America Toys

These days, the cost of labor and raw materials in the United States is making it increasingly more difficult to manufacture here, meaning it is harder for consumers to find toys with the “made in America” logo. However, it is still possible to find some great options: below we have listed our favorite toys, proudly made in the USA.

Smart-Toys List of Best Toys Made in the USA

Finding Amazing American made toys:
The following toys are manufactured in the USA by American companies

Best Baby toys made in America
How to find baby toys not made in China!

Maple Landmark – American made baby toys

Handmade wooden made in USA toys for babies
Maple Teether Pair
This back-to-basics wooden teether is lovingly crafted in Vermont from sustainably harvested rock maple, sanded smooth to be safe in little mouths and hands.
Shape Stacker in Rainbow Colors
native hardwood maple colored with a water-based dye stain and sealed with urethane, engraved with the shape and number of sides.
Shape Sorter Round Cage
Sort 3 pieces of each of 4 multicolor shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle) made from locally harvested Vermont hardwood, colored with a water-based dye stain printed graphics.

BeginAgain –  teethers made in the USA

Made in America Baby Teethers Teething Ring
Green Ring Teether
A NAPPA Gold Award Winner, safe and natural baby toy made in the USA. This washable, natural, eco-friendly baby toy and teether features a 100% compostable three inch loop of smooth maple wood surrounded by a soft, cornstarch bio resin colorful ring.
BeginAgain Green Keys, Set of 3
A safe, natural and fun baby toy that is eco-friendly, well-balanced, and designed and manufactured near Fort Collins, Colorado, that teaches, challenges and lets kids explore.  Build grasping skills, dexterity, and provides mental stimulation while soothing sore gums.

Uncle Goose –  made in America baby toys and blocks

Made in USA wooden blocks for baby
Classic ABC Blocks with Canvas Bag
28 handmade 1.75″ Michigan grown basswood cubes printed with various animals, numbers, and symbols in non-toxic, lead-free child safe inks with a canvas bag.
Uncle Goose Merry Christmas Blocks
14 handmade 1.75″ Michigan grown basswood cubes with two limited edition holiday messages and Christmas tree illustrations. Spell “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, or arrange a forest of fully decorated trees. 
Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks
28 handmade 1.75″ Michigan grown basswood cubes with Hebrew symbols printed in non-toxic, lead-free child safe inks.

Manny and Simon – American made toys for babies

Teethers made in USA
Made in USA teethers: Manny and Simon wooden heirloom toys are proudly made in the USA in their family owned and operated studio – All Manny and Simon American-made teether toys are eco-friendly and quality-made in an environmentally conscious factory located in Southern California. Not only are the teethers themselves produced in America, but every component down to the raw materials that the teethers are made of are made (or grown!) in the USA. 
“We want to make high-quality products that stimulate kids’ never-ending imagination!”

Cute shaped wooden teethers, which is produced in the USA using a non-splintering hard maple wood that is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, non-toxic and sustainably harvested. Recommended for ages 3 months and up.


Best toys for toddlers made in America

Little Tikes

Best made in America toys for toddlers
Founded in 1970 and still headquartered in Hudson, OH USA. They make amazing classic outdoor play games that you probably remember from your own childhood. 
Easy Store Jr. Play Slide
Adjustible height from two up to four feet for increasing difficulty and a variety of skill levels, for promoting social, motor skills and coordination. 
Cape Cottage Playhouse
Kids 2 and up will get a kick out of two working doors, two windows with shutters, a mail slot, and flag holders. 
Highback Toddler Swing

Oversized high-back toddler swing with adjustable seat belt and molded center support lets the child swing without the danger of slipping down in seat.


All products from Simplay3 promote interactive and multi-child cooperative play.

An oversized front wheeled trike that is insanely easy to maneuver and incredibly fun to ride. Features a 3 position adjustable seat that grows with the rider, a large treaded front wheel, roof for improved visibility and shade, and an easy grip steering bar, this awesome ride will hold up to 50 lbs.

An adorable ride-in coupe for kids with working doors and storage compartments, durable caster wheels that bear up to 50 lbs, and a pretend steering wheel for little drivers.

Curved, high-back seats and seatbelts make sure that all of the passengers are comfortable and secure during their ride. Durable rubber tires provide a smooth ride and tight turning radius. Features two drink holders, under seat storage compartments and a spacious floor with drain holes.

Best toys for kids made in America

made in america toys for christmas
Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is proudly Made in the USA by exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.  All non toxic, and never dries out!
popular toys made in america
Spooner – The indestructible, high quality construction of these fun and versatile balance boards make them a fantastic learning tool for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, while developing core strength & stability, balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills.
Swurfer takes the skateboard to the next level, with a stand-up tree swing engineered specifically for more power, stability, and range of motion. Wood swing boards are made in America from hard rock maple.
best toys that are made in america
Lux Block
Lux Block allows the builder to create complex or simple moving creations from cubes to dollhouse furniture to balls to animals and much more. Also find Lux Block on our list of Best Lego alternatives .
made in usa toys list

Toys made in countries besides China

Many other countries have some great toys to offer as well. Below we have included some great toys made from countries around the world other than China:

Toys made in India

baby toys not from china

Rubbabu’s soft rubber foam toys are hand made in India from sustainable materials in their family owned factory.

Toys made in Germany

toys not made in china
Fischertechnik is a unique construction system that allows kids to build everything from telescopes and bridges, to real, working robots. The company has been around for over 50 years, and has evolved into way more than just a toy—it’s a building system that’s also used in education around the globe, from elementary schools to colleges. In fact, Fischertechnik USA is even used by companies like Porsche, Daimler-Chrysler, and BMV for simulation and training.

Toys made in Thailand

toys that are not made in china
Plan Toys  makes sustainable, earth-friendly toys made from rubber trees, which were previously disposed of, generating a useful market for what used to be waste.

(If concerns about toy safety are driving your search, read our article on the safety of Made In China toys. All toys sold in the USA, regardless of country of origin, are rigorously safety tested.)

Thank you for reading about toys made in America!

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