MiniLand Educational – for play and learning

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MiniLand Educational

Creators of toys to fill both play and learning time

A trusted company (they celebrated their 50th birthday in 2012), MiniLand specializes in offering technologically advanced, healthy, and safe products for babies and children.

What we like: MiniLand’s goal is to create new toys which are developmentally appropriate for every level of early childhood learning. Their skill-building toys, including dolls, construction blocks, manipulatives, puzzles and more, are not only great for kids but also lend themselves well to classroom environments. Furthermore, teams of educators, a rigorous testing bank, and continuous market surveys help them ensure that all of their products meet the needs of parents, teachers, daycares, nurseries, schools and special education centers alike.

Behind the scenes with MiniLand

How do you come up with new product ideas?

We have a dedicated Products Team in our factory in Spain who works together with a well-known Spanish Association called AIJU specializing in testing, developing and creating children’s products aimed at early childhood learning and development.

What makes you unique?

85% of our products are created and manufactured in-house in our Spanish Headquarters of the most durable, flexible, highest quality plastic.  We specialize in specialty toys for early childhood education.

What is most interesting about MiniLand?

Miniland is a leader in the European educational toys market and has been in the US for only 4 years. It plays in a highly competitive market distinguishing itself by its high quality toys Made in Spain all including a complete Teaching Guide and Activity Cards.

Best new products from MiniLand

Their newest product, EmotiBlocks, was most recently a winner of Mejor Juguete 2015 (“Best Toy”, for the non-Spanish speakers out there) from the Asociacion Espanola de Fabricantes de Juguetes – but that’s not the only award for this product. EmotiBlocks also boasts recognition from Dr. Toy’s 100 Best of 2015, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games of 2015, and Parent’s Choice Awards 2015 for the Toy category.

The interchangeable pieces allow children 2-6 years old create and recognize facial gestures and basic emotions, as well as tolerance, empathy, and racial diversity. The included activity cards also help with the acquisition of vocabulary.

Moogy is a colorful stuffed plus toy featuring a charming, bright, funny design in a variety of fabrics and textures. It takes a lot to stand out in the crowded world of plush, but Moogy has one awesome feature which allows it to do just that: it teaches kids to master master zips, buttons, buckles and laces. The variety of fasteners on Moogy not only help kids develop these important milestones, but are an engaging way to promote fine motor skills and muscle development. All of the parts stay securely on the toy, however, eliminating the possibility for losing pieces.

At 18 and a half inch tall, Moogy is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers – not just for cuddling, but also for helping them learn to dress themselves.

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