Boost Focus: 25 best Fidget Toys for kids

25 best Fidget Toys for kids with ADHD

We have reviewed the best fidget toys for helping kids stay focused.

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25 best Fidget Toys for kids with ADHD

Properly directed movement can enhance opportunities for learning.

Redirecting restless and nervous energy with fidget toys

Fidgeting is a typical behavior for both kids and adults, and almost all humans fidgets to some extent. According to numerous case studies, as well as a comprehensive understanding of human cognition, it is clear that learning is enhanced when movement and sensory input are correctly incorporated. Fidget toys can help to properly direct this restless energy . And, in addition to the positive effects on focus, memory, attention, and absorption of new material in the classroom, fidget toys also have the added benefit of enhancing dexterity, coordination and fine motor skills in the developing muscles of small hands.

Benefits of fidgeting for kids

Fidget toys should be able to be manipulated in an open ended way – let hands squeeze, knead, stretch, twist, and shape their fidgets!”

25 best fidget toys for kids:

Below, you can find the Smart-Toys recommendations for restless hands toys.

#1 best fidget toy for kids

1. Tangle
Tangle is the ultimate fidgeting device. A captivating, bendable fidget with an extremely ergonomic feel – used for stress relief as well as hand therapy and dexterity building.

best fidget toys for ADHD kids

#2 best fidget toy for kids

2. Victorem Fidget Spinner
Fidget spinners are incredibly popular right now. Hold it between two fingers and flick the spinner with another finger or start it by waving your hand, then see how long you can get it to spin!

Best fidget toys for autism

#3 best fidget toy for kids

3. CubeBot Rainbow
Cubebot is a puzzle, action figure, robot and transformer combined; but the fluidity and repetitiveness of it’s motion make it a perfect fidget toy.

fidget toys for autism

#4 best fidget toy for kids

4. EDC Hand Spinner Fidget
An easy to use fidget spinner that acts as a stress reducer, relieves anxiety and boredom, and increases focus. Smooth bearings make for an incredibly long spin time. Kids with ADHD get a particular benefit out of the continuous, effortless play pattern of a simple fidget spinner toy.

best fidget spinners for ADHD

#5 best fidget toy for kids

5. Squeeze ball animals
Think of it as a stress ball for kids – you can squeeze just like a stress ball (and with all of the benefits), but with a cute eye-popping effect.

Restless hands toys for kids

#6 best fidget toy for kids

6. Hot Wheels 50 pack
Many kids are calmed by rolling these fidgets around on the desk or along their legs.
fidgety toys for ADD and ADHD

#7 best fidget toy for kids

7. Klixx
An articulated chain that can be bent into countless shapes, letters, numbers, and symbols, it will keep imaginations active, hands busy, and withstand hours of play. Klixx is one of the best fidget toys for ADHD.

Fidgeting toys for the classroom

#8 best fidget toy for kids

8. Finger Feet
If fidgeting is a major problem for your kids, let them walk their hands around! Oh, and if you’re looking for a fidget toys for nail biters, this may have just solved your problem.

Toys for fidgeting

#9 best fidget toy for kids

9. Springy Thingy
Springy Thingy will roll up and down the arm and expand and compress. A brilliant spinning fidget toy that also stows away easily in it’s flattened form.

ADHD fidget toys

#10 best fidget toy for kids

10. Tangle Jr. 
If a younger child can’t stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect (and portable!) solution for waiting rooms, car rides, classrooms and more. One of the best fidget toys for anxiety.
tangle fidget toy

#11 best fidget toy for kids

11. The Ultimate Fidget
The name says it all – a captivating, durable metal rolling fidget for kids. The Ultimate Fidget is perfectly quiet, making it one of the best fidget toys for the classroom as well as one of our favorite metal fidget toys for ADHD kids.
best fidget toys

#12 best fidget toy for kids

12. Aku Ring
Aku Ring is a stretchy sensory development fidget with tactile nubs that kids love to squeeze and bend. Often used as an occupational therapy tool and is also great for channeling your child’s fidgeting.
fidgeting toys

#13 best fidget toy for kids

13. Wing Nuts Pencil Topper
Turn something your child already has in every class into a great fidget device. The fascinating finger fidgets are also removable and re-usable. Since you already need a pencil anyways, it’s a great fidget toy for ADHD students!
Fidget tools for ADHD kids

#14 best fidget toy for kids

14. Jacob’s Ladder
A classic, award-winning cascading desktop game with endless, engaging possibilities
best fidget toys for kids

#15 best fidget toy for kids

15. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
An excellent (as well as silent) fidget toy for manipulating under the desk. The calming, tactile nature of Aaron’s putty makes it a soothing fidget toy for ADHD kids.
fidget toys for focus

#16 best fidget toy for kids

16. OgoSoft balls
Can be squished, rubbed and rolled between the hands, and pulled on. ADHD kids love to fidget with the soft rubber strands, and parents love that it can be passed in the house without damaging anything.
toys for fidgety kids

#17 best fidget toy for kids

17. Pin Art
Tactile and engaging for the hands, as well as fun to create new designs. Amazing as a sensory therapy toy, as well.
fidget toys

#18 best fidget toy for kids

18. Wikki Stix
Stimulate the imagination and creativity, tame fidgety fingers, adhere to almost any smooth surface as well as to one another, and can be peeled up and re-positioned. Wikki Stix also tend to be a fantastic calming toy for ADHD.
fidgeting toys

#19 best fidget toy for kids

19. Jeliku
Highly tactile, instantly engaging, and extremely open ended. A sensory therapy toys that can be manipulated into geometric shapes, colorful designs, and abstract patterns. One of the best fidget toys for autism.
toys for adhd

#20 best fidget toy for kids

20. Ivan’s Hinge
Fold, loop, bend, twist, and turn the articulating joints of Ivan’s Hinge. Irresistibly fidgety and creative, it makes a perfect focus toy for kids with ADHD.

#21 best fidget toy for kids

21. Hoberman sphere
A classic, and a favorite of kids and adults, the Hoberman sphere can easily expand from 9 inches to 30 inches in diameter. Great for short breaks in tasks.
fidget tools for ADHD

#22 best fidget toy for kids

22. Jumbo Slinky
A long way from the submarine anti-vibration device it was once designed to be, the Slinky has quickly evolved into one of America’s most beloved toys and fidget tools.

#23 best fidget toy for kids

23. Thumbchucks
Thumbchucks are a new take on a classic toy called Begleri beads. Like Begleri (which were popularized in Greece in the 1960s), Thumbchucks are held in the meaty part of the hand between the thumb and forefinger, then spun rapidly around the entire hand by flipping it over and catching with your pinky. That’s the gist, anyways, but there are hundreds of ways to play! Either learn some tricks or absentmindedly fidget with this awesome light up fiddle toy.

fidget balls

#24 best fidget toy for kids

24. Fidget ring
Kids who are self conscious about their fidgeting will love this incredibly discreet fidget ring. It can be worn on one finger like a standard ring, and manipulated easily with another finger on the same hand or the other hand. It’s a quiet, non-distracting fidget that’s perfect for classroom use.
fidget jewelry for ADHD kids

#25 best fidget toy for kids

25. Switch Pitch
This ball magically switches from one color to another by inverting the individual pieces in one fluid, seamless motion. It’s utterly captivating to fidget with and to watch!
fidget toys for kids


Looking for more fidget spinners? Read our complete guide to the best fidget spinners here.

Why fidget toys are great for helping kids focus?

For many student’s optimal learning, tactile input is critical. When this important tactile input is not properly provided, more distracting fidgeting behaviors can arise, including biting the nails, tapping feet, drumming on a desk, twirling a lock of hair, or chewing on the end of a pencil. It is important to provide appropriate input to head off this either socially unacceptable or simply non-useful fidgeting activity that may crop up.

Fidget toys are appropriate for all ages and genders and most developmental abilities. They also exist in many varieties of sizes, shapes, weights, and textures. Many parents will learn that the effectiveness of a certain fidget object can wane as time passes, so it is advisable to try different fidget items and keep them in a rotation.

Fidget toys help with better focus, attention, and listening for many cognitive tasks.

Facts :
-sixth-graders who used stress balls have been shown to be demonstrably less distracted during school, especially kinesthetic learners in particular
-bodily movement during cognitive tasks leads to better outcomes for most children
-fidget toys boost productivity because they give the brain a break without being resource-intensive or overly distracting, thus preventing minds from wandering
-fidgeting actually reduces daydreaming in class and during cognitive tasks
-fidgeting encourages sensory integration, or extra sensory input not otherwise obtained from the environment.
-fidgeting reduces anxiety and stress (they don’t call it a stress ball  for nothing!)


The Benefits of Fidget Toys for Kids with ADHD

While idle hands may not really be the devil’s plaything, there is a lot of evidence that keeping kids hands busy has a positive influence on their attention. That’s one reason that experts recommend that kids with ADHD use fidget toys in the classroom , and many children with autism can benefit from fidget toys while learning. In fact, research indicates that most children learn better when their hands are active ; funneling expandable energy in this manner allows them to better focus on what they are trying to learn. Some teachers have gone so far as to replace all of the chairs in their classrooms with inflatable exercise balls  to keep their kids both active and focused; but where this is not feasible, teachers and parents may be advised to utilize fidget toys (sometimes referred to as “fidget widgets”) in order to maintain concentration on more intensive tasks like school, homework, or other projects.

Best fidget toys for kids

How to pick the best fidget toys for kids

If you have kids with ADD or ADHD (or see any on a daily basis), you have no doubt noticed them playing with fidget spinners left and right. These captivating devices have captured the attention of kids of a wide variety of ages, and for good reasons. Although seemingly simple, it’s strangely satisfying to feel the spinner rotate smoothly and effortlessly between your fingers. Kids have a great time seeing how long they can spin.

However, fidget spinners are more than just fun; they have also been demonstrated to be a fantastic tool for helping kids focus. Fidget toys have been used from classrooms to therapies to assist kids in paying attention to tasks. The reason they are so helpful is that they are a mindless task that can redirect nervous and fretful energy, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, without distracting mental resources from more cognitively strenuous tasks.

There are a wide selection of fidget toys for ADHD available on the market today, but perhaps none quite so widely used as fidget spinners. They are especially useful as classroom fidget toys because they are almost completely silent, so they will not disturb the other students in school.

Using fidget toys to increase sensory input and focus for kids with ADHD

Fidget spinners have been shown to have particular benefits for kids with ADHD. Although it can be difficult for kids with ADHD to sit still in class, fidget spinners help them focus by giving them a socially acceptable method of channeling restless impulses without distracting from the task at hand. The repetitive motion helps direct mental resources in an appropriate way.

Besides helping  with focus, kids with ADHD also often find fidget toys useful for winding down after strenuous tasks, self regulating, staying relaxed, and discouraging unwanted behaviors such as nail biting, skin picking, leg bouncing, and others. Every kid is different, and the best fidget toy for one child may not be right for another. It can be challenging to determine which is the best fidget spinner for your child with ADHD.

How to use fidget toys for ADHD

Remember, fidget toys that are used in a classroom with ADHD students must be used appropriately. Be sure to supervise kids to make sure they are not distracting themselves or other students. If fidget toys are misused, they can be counterproductive to their intended purpose. Educate kids on the proper use of fidget toys, explaining that they are tools meant to improve focus on tasks at hand, but should not interfere. Also firmly set down rules regarding how and when fidget toys should be used. It may even be advisable to print out a list of “fidget rules” and store it where the fidgets are kept.

Thank you for reading about the best fidgets for kids! Although all of these fidget toys are beneficial for almost every kid, they also have additional special benefits for children with ADD, ADHD, and autism as well. Always consult with your pediatrician or physical therapist if you have any questions or doubts.

Special bonus: two best fidget toys for adults with ADHD

1. The Fidget Cube, is, well, a fidgeting cube. Fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety, and is basically a funny object that does nothing – except deliver “satisfying mini-experiences”. The fidget cube satisfies the innate urge to manually manipulate things, in a variety of entertaining ways:

Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, Spin.

A restless hands toys that is especially good for folks with autism and ADHD (but also for everyone), this type of fidget toy can be very helpful for maintaining focus. This strangely addicting, high-quality desk toy will help your concentration at work, in class, or at home.

Best fidget toys for kids with ADHD
2.  Knuckies Spinning Fidget Phone Grip – A fidget toy attached to your phone is brilliant, because it’s always right in your pocket! Most adults already fidget with their phone nonstop, so why not make it a little more interesting?
fidget objects for adhd grown ups

We love this awesome fidget toy that sticks to the back of your phone, because not only can you spin and fidget with the stand…

best fidget toys for ADD adults

…but you can also hold the stand while you spin the phone. The best part about it? It’s way more than just an awesome fidget toy that attaches to one of the items that’s ALWAYS with you, but it’s also incredibly functional:

fidget toys for adults with ADHD

– Never drop your phone – Easy draw from pocket – Free up your hands –

If that’s not enough for you, here are even more functions: phone stand (which swivels for landscape or portrait!), GPS mount, video stabilizer, grip for games… and way more.

Choose from 9 fun/magical/unique Knuckies models here.

If fidgeting is a problem for you, or your kids, we hope this has helped!

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