8 best stilts for kids – develop master coordination and balance

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Get playing outside! Kids stilts are a great way for young kids to begin developing balance, coordination, and confidence even from a young age. Stilts are available in varying difficulties so kids of all different skill levels can enjoy them. Below we have selected the 8 best stilts for kids that we can find… OK some are not QUITE stilts… but they’re awesome nonetheless!

Ready Set Stilts by Alex
Adjustible height for different difficulties, and trainer legs that can be removed make it great for younger stilt learners.
Ages 5+
up to 110 lbs
best stilts for kidsBuy Ready Set Stilts

Walkaroo Xtensionz Stilts by GeoSpace
Angled shoulder supports, spring cushions traction rubber tips, nonskid footrests, and adjustable legs make it an insanely easy to use set of stilts. Durable steel construction makes it incredibly sturdy.
Ages 6+
up to 220 lbs
safe stilts for childrenBuy Walkaroo Xtensionz Stilts

Junior stilts by HiJax
Sturdy stilts made from incredibly durable aircraft grade aluminum tubing.
Ages 6-9
up to 155 pounds / 52 inches
Junior stilts by HiJaxBuy HiJax Junior Stilts

Jump Stilts by Kangaroo Shoes
Amazing spring controlled action allows vertical jumps up to 6′. For advanced users who want go get some amazing air!
Ages 6+
66 – 110lbsjumping stilts for kidsBuy Jump Stilts

Stomp Walkers by Monkey Business
These stilts feature maneuvarable, lightweight yet sturdy PVC construction. The goofy feet make balancing easier (and more fun) for younger kids.
Ages 6+
up to 150 lbs
stilts for kidsBuy Stomp Walkers

Stepping Stones Stilts by WePlay
Great beginner stilts for kids as young as 3, with rubber, anti-slip guards and adjustable length ropes.
Ages 3+
up to 132 lbsbeginner stilts for kidsBuy Stepping Stones Stilts

Moon Shoes by Big Time Toys
Ok… not exactly stilts, but great for developing balance and jumping. Loads of fun and excellent exercise.
Ages 7+
Up to 160 pounds and size 9 men’s shoe
best kids stiltsBuy Moon Shoes

Anti-Gravity Running Boots by Air Kicks
Adjustable size makes it simple to fit right over nearly ANY SIZE shoe. They will give awesome air while still being low-impact and gentle on ankles, knees & back.
99-176 Lbschild size stiltsBuy Air Kicks

Why stilts are great for kids

Expert’s note: stilts are great for learning Proprioception, or the sense of the relative position of different parts of the body and strength and effort utilized to move them. All of these best stilts for kids give them a better sense of their own body position, movement, and acceleration. It’s an important building block of development because it helps children be aware of their body’s own position and physical orientation in the world. And it’s important for coordination, balance, and movement!

Choosing stilts for kids – How to pick the right stilts:

Skill level
Make sure to tailor the stilts you choose to the child’s skill level. A younger, less experienced child that is still developing their balance should go with shorter stilts with handles that can be easily held in the palm. An older, more adventurous child can try taller stilts with armpit supports

Adjustible stilts are great because they can not only be tailored to suit the child’s skill level but also grow with the child. Multi-position stilts will ensure that your child gets the most enjoyment out of their stilts, as they get more comfortable AND taller!

It is important to ensure that the stilts you select have an appropriate weight range for the child. Many of the stilts on this list are made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is used for kids stilts as well as high performance professional stilts. This may or may not be necessary for your needs, but be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

It is important that children are supervised while gaining comfort and confidence on their stilts. But with the appropriate stilts, and a bit of practice, they will be on their way in no time.

Remember, it takes practice and discipline to master stilts. But, it is a great form of exercise, practice for balance and coordination, and all round great fun for kids!

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