The Top 20 Outdoor Toys of 2017

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Teachers, parents, and pediatric occupational therapists agree- the evidence is mounting in the case that keeping kids active really does help them learn. A lack of active play has been shown to stunt development in critical ways; and possibly even leads to an increase in social and sensory issues in kids. Without it, kids miss out on important life skills and basic social skills.

The bottom line: what children need most is “rapid vestibular (balance) input” on a daily basis. In layman’s terms, this means: go upside down, spin in circles, and roll down hills! Read more about the benefits of active play here, or see our top 20 recommendations for outdoor summer fun below.
Best outdoor toys for kids

Best outdoor toys for ages 0-3

Schylling Scuttlebug LadyBug
Why it’s great!
No assembly needed for this fold-up, colorful first trike for toddlers. Soft gel wheels are great for outdoors but also won’t damage indoor floors.
Ages 1-3, up to 44 lbs.
Buy Scuttlebug LadyBug

Fat Brain Rolligo
Why it’s great!
The colorful spheres twist and spin in all directions, encouraging fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory exploration.
Ages 1-4​
Buy Rolligo

Green Toys Construction Trucks
Why it’s great!
Perfect for the sandbox, these sturdy and chunky vehicles are 6″ long and 100% recycled milk cartons.
Ages 2+
Buy Construction Trucks

Mobo Total Tot
Why it’s great!
Designed first to be pushed by an adult and second to be ridden by your child; the comfortable seat, chainless chassis, and flat-proof tires will develop skills, muscle strength, and hand-eye coordination.
For toddlers between 28-42″ tall
Buy Mobo Total Tot

Sizzlin’ Cool Bubble Lawn Mower
Why it’s great!
Let your kids help out with the yardwork… sort of… with this lawn mower that blows continuous bubbles as it is pushed around
Ages 3+​
Buy Bubble Lawn Mower

Best outdoor toys for ages 3-6

Hape Rainbow Bowling
Why it’s great!
Practice colors by aiming for the correct pin. The pins also have prisms for exploring refracting light.
Ages 3+
Buy Rainbow Bowl

GeoSafari Adventure Glasses
Why it’s great!
Wearable adventure glasses contain 6 scientific tools for exploring and learning. Magnify specimens and small creatures and collect samples for observation.
Ages 3+
Buy Adventure Glasses

Faber-Castell Do Art Outdoor Chalk Set
Why it’s great!
Set contains 12 particularly rich colored chalks with soft, no-pinch chalk holders, as well as a brush for and foam blending hues, and a soft cushion to kneel on. It’s the easier way to create vibrant works of outdoor art.
Ages 4+
Buy Outdoor Chalk Set

PlayZone Fit Twist N Spin
Why it’s great!
This spinning disk rotates on ball bearings for core-building and energy burning (not to mention dizzying) fun fitness activities.
Ages 3-7, up to 175 lbs.
Buy Twist N Spin

Why it’s great!
The ride on that harnesses inertia, centrifugal force, friction, & kid power!
Ages 3+
Buy PlasmaCar

Tucker Toys E-Z Grip Football
Why it’s great!
This soft football’s super grip technology makes even 1-handed catches easier for developing hands, and it can bounce on grass, sand, or water.
Ages 3+
Buy E-Z Grip Football

Best outdoor toys for ages 6+

Slackerz Sky Bounce board
Why it’s great!
Bounce, jump, spin and do tricks with the two handles (which can be removed as your skills progress).
Ages 8+, up to 150 lbs.
Buy Sky Bounce board

OgoSport Copter Darts
Why it’s great!
Soft and safe “lawn dart” alternatives always land rubber tip down. Recreate the classic jarts game in your own backyard.
Ages 6+
Buy Copter Darts

Diggin Slimeball Dodge Tag
Why it’s great!
Squishy and soft balls will stick to the opponents target vest (but won’t stick to anything else).
Ages 6+
Buy Slimeball Dodge Tag

2 Bros Bows
Why it’s great!
2 child-inventors and winners of the prestigious TAGIE award bring us fun toy bows that are soft, kid-friendly, and rigorously safety tested.
Ages 6+
Buy 2 Bros Bows

Active Play Sporter S3 Scissor Scooter
Why it’s great!
Molded handgrips, quick-stop break and ensure solid footing and the safest ride possible, while super-glide wheels give a smooth ride. Easily converts from scissor to sway motion.
Ages 6+
Buy Scissor Scooter

Tangle Nightball Football
Why it’s great!
A unique, grippy matrix design and lighted LEDs make it easy to pass and throw, even at night.
Ages 6+
Buy Nightball Football

Why it’s great!
The absolute best backyard tree swing, the Swurfer’s adjustable handles give power, stability, and a wider range of motion. Can be safely hung from a branch up to 20 feet high with included 80 feet of quality UV and mold-resistant rope.
Ages 6+
Buy Swurfer

Why it’s great!
The absolute best backyard tree swing, the Swurfer’s adjustable handles give power, stability, and a wider range of motion. Can be safely hung from a branch up to 20 feet high with included 80 feet of quality UV and mold-resistant rope.
Ages 6+
Buy Squap

Super Impulse Talos Rubber Band Toy Gun
Why it’s great!
More ammo, more power, and more accuracy than any other launchers on the market. Features quick, smooth action, and high capacity for safe and intense fun.
Ages 8+
Buy Talos Rubber Band Gun

Thanks for reading about the best outdoor toys for kids!

Outdoor play toys are absolutely necessary for raising for happy and healthy children! The key is to make them want to play outside, by finding fun toys that will keep them running, jumping, swinging, and rolling for hours. With the rise of screen time, video games, and interactive toys, it’s even more important to encourage outdoor play; which has been demonstrated to improve cognitive abilities, social interaction skills, and emotional stability. Improve physical activity among children with these top outdoor toys!

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