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BluTrack Review (Hot Wheels Alternative)

Best racetracks for diecast derby racing.

Building racetracks is a great physics, engineering, and design lesson all rolled into one. Plus, it’s super fun to race the cars through the track once you’ve finished building!

If your kids love to race Hot Wheels cars, are constantly designing new and complex race tracks, and want to take their competitions to the next level, look no further than BluTrack. BluTrack is a Hot Wheels track alternative that is one continuous piece, instead of a track built of many smaller pieces. One continuous coil of track means that there are no interferences to the race, meaning of that big cars can roll faster and have less of a chance of jumping off the tracks. The slightly wider lanes also mean that the race car can roll down the track without bumping the sides as often, reducing friction and leading to a faster and more exciting race.

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There is also a much greater flexibility in designing the track and the design options available to you with BluTrack. While Hot Wheels tracks are more rigid, you can bend and flex the BluTrack in whatever way you choose, meaning you are not confined to the manufactured shapes and curves that Hot Wheels offer. For example, by simply adjusting one part of the BluTrack you can determine the height and radius of a loop, configuring it exactly for the speed of the car is going at that section of the track. You can also make turns that are more or less than 90 or 180 degrees, meaning you can configure the track to fit around existing obstacles in your own home and even span several rooms. Your kids will love the open ended (instruction-free!) nature of the track construction and the option to use everyday items as part of the track, allowing their creativity and imagination to run wild.

Why is BluTrack the best Hot Wheels Alternative?

-No interruptions to the race track means more speed and more fun! 
-You can use everyday objects to bolster your track design!
-There is a much greater flexibility of track design, meaning you can bend, curve, and loop the track to make your cars do awesome tricks!

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Here at Smart-Toys we often tout the benefits of having kids learn while playing. They are less likely to get bored or overwhelmed, more likely to pay attention to the topic at hand longer, and retain more of the information presented. Turning learning into an activity helps keep kids more engaged and makes them active participants their own education. BluTracks are a great physics lesson, as kids can make small adjustments to the tracks and note the difference in the car’s performance. Add a little more bend here and see what happens? How about tightening or loosening that loop and watching the effect on the car during the next race? Kids can observe centrifugal force, the effects of track angles on the race speed, acceleration and deceleration, and much more, all while they are playing.

The main disadvantage of BluTracks is that they arrive as a coiled roll of track in the package, meaning the racetrack needs some time to straighten out before use. This process can be sped up by soaking it in hot water for a few minutes, although you may have to leave it out overnight to completely flatten it. However, this flexibility is an asset when your track transitions from downhill to flat, an area that the hard orange Hot Wheels tracks struggle with. It is also an advantage once it comes time to store it again, as it takes up much less space when coiled up than longer, rigid Hot Wheels tracks.

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BluTracks have their own model racecars, but the tracks are compatible with Hot Wheels diecast cars, most Cars movie cars, and many other Hot Wheels alternatives that are 1/64 scale models. The BluTrack connectors are not compatible with Hot Wheels tracks, however.

BluTracks are often used as educational tools in schools, museums, Boy Scout troops, and more. They are also a great Hot Wheels alternative for outdoor use.

Instead of looking for a Hot Wheels compatible track, scrap it altogether and get BluTracks.

More about BluTracks
The tracks were proudly invented by a Father and Son team and are currently manufactured in the United States of America. They are the recipients of many esteemed toy awards, including:
Creative Child Magazine Toy of The Year 2015
Fat Brain Top Toy Award 2008 and 2010
ASTRA Best Toys for 2008
Better Homes and Gardens Top 25 Gift Guide
Kids At Play Award
And many more.

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BluTracks is our favorite Hot Wheels alternative track because it’s flexibility makes it simple and easy to race with loops, jumps, twists and turns. The wider lanes lead to less bumping and friction, meaning a faster race. And finally, the single-piece construction and lack of joints means no bumps and no need for connector pieces.
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