Everything you ever wanted to know about fidget toys

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Your guide to the latest toy trend and FAQs about fidget toys

What are fidget toys?

A fidget toy is any object that can be used to keep the hands busy. They are often small or hand-held, (sometimes referred to as “EDC” or “every day carry” fidget toys), so that kids or adults can manipulate them easily.

What are fidget toys used for?

Fidget toys are commonly used in the classroom, occupational therapy, and similar settings for redirecting restless and nervous energy. Studies have found that kids who fidget while learning are more likely to pay attention, retain information, and perform better on cognitively strenuous tasks. In other words, fidget toys help them learn! While it was once believed that fidgeting in class is a distraction, we know realize that appropriately directed energy actually helps kids direct more mental energy to the task at hand, whether it’s studying, absorbing lectures, or focusing on a project. Thus, fidget toys can be used as a classroom tool, or just a fun “restless hands” object to fiddle with.

Why are fidget toys good transitional items? Are fidget toys good for sensory integration?

Keeping the hands busy during a period of unexpected (or expected!) change can reduce fear and unease resulting from uncertainty.

Are fidget toys effective?

The answer to this question is a little more complex. The truth is, the RIGHT fidget toy can be very effective, while the WRONG fidget toy is just a distraction (both for the child using it and the other kids in class). A truly effective fidget toy must be able to be played with in the periphery without being overly distracting (meaning it has to be SILENT!)

Why use fidget toys?

Remember, a fidget toy is intended to be used on the periphery of a child’s attention; if they become the CENTER of attention, they are counter-productive to the intended purpose. But, appropriate use of a fidget toy not only helps with focus, but can be a socially acceptable form of sensory input that actually helps deter other less desirable behavior, including biting the nails, tapping feet, drumming on a desk, twirling a lock of hair, or chewing on the end of a pencil.

Why do fidget toys work?

Recent research indicates that the vast majority of kids actually learn and retain information better when their hands are active. Redirecting restless energy appropriately via a fidget toy can be a powerful tool in helping kids focus on other, more cognitive resource intensive tasks.

What are the best fidget toys to focus?
Fidget toys are fantastic self-regulation tools that can greatly help with focus and attention. Furthermore, tactile input is critical for optimal learning. For suggestions on the best fidget toys to improve focus, check out this list of the Top 20 best fidget toys for boosting kids’ focus

Are fidget toys good for students with ADHD / Are fidget toys good for students with autism?

Fidget toys are appropriate for all ages and genders and most developmental abilities. But, they have
been shown to have particular benefit for many kids with ADHD and autism.

Why do fidget toys have bearings?

A particular type of fidget toy known as a fidget spinners consists of 2, 3, or even 4 arms around a center hub with ball bearings. The amount and quality of the ball bearings is a factor in the smoothness and duration of the overall spin.

How do fidget spinners work?

The center hub is held in between two fingers and spun with small wrist motions. A flick with the finger can help to get it started. See our favorite fidget spinners for kids. This mindless, repetitive motion has been shown to help kids focus.

How do fidget spinners work?

Fidget toys to chew

Chewable fidgets and chewable jewelry can be particularly effective for sensory needs and self-regulation therapy, because they are calming and increase oral sensory awareness. They are often useful for kids with ADHD and kids with autism to manage sensory overload by relieving pressure.

How to make fidget toys

There are fidget toys that you can make at home (you can make your own DIY fidget spinner from home using a skate bearing, nuts and bolts, and other household items.) although it is much easier with a 3-D printer! In fact, many fidget toys that you can buy are 3-D printed as well.

Fidget toys to 3D print

Read more about how you can 3-D print your own fidget spinner here.

Which fidget spinner is the best?

Which fidget spinner is the best?

You can read all about fidget spinners in the Smart Toys fidget spinner review section.

Which fidget spinner spins the longest

Fidget spinners with stainless steel bearings like this one will often have the longest spin duration.

Which fidget spinner spins the longest

The fidget spinner with the quietest and longest continuous spin time is the Rotablade, with a spin time of up to 10 minutes when held in a vertical orientation.

fidget spinner longest continuous spin time

Are there fidget spinner with lights?

There are many fidget Hand Spinner With LED LIGHTs that create brilliant designs when spun at high speeds, like this one.

fidget spinner with LED lights

What is the fidget spinner with pennies?

Here is one model of a fidget spinner that uses pennies as counter-weights.

fidget spinner with pennies

What is the fidget spinner with gears?

This fidget Spinner features a 2-tier interlocking gear design that causes the outer edges to spin at the same speed as the center hub, for a beautiful effect.

fidget spinner with gears

What are the best fidget toys for me?

Are fidget toys for good for anger?

Fidget spinners can be a sensory tool to help calm an angry child

Are fidget toys good for anxiety?

Yes, fidget toys can diminish anxiety and stress for many children and adults.

Are fidget toys for good for trich?

Fidget toys can help to curt-tail certain undesirable behaviors, including smoking, picking, trichotillomania, and more.

Read more

Are fidget toys good for picking? What is a good fidget toy for pickers?

Fidget toys can be a useful deterrent for dermatillomania, also known as excoriation disorder or skin picking. The best fidget toys for pickers redirecting nervous energy into a more socially acceptable behavior. Read more.

What are some good fidget toys for adults? What are good fidget toys for meetings?

Adults may be interested in some less obvious fidgets that can be manipulated discretely. We often recommend a fidget ring, like this one.

best fidget toys for adults

What are good fidget toys for elderly? What are good fidget toys for dementia?

Sensory therapy including fidget toys have been identified as an effective way to reduce anxiety, calm nerves, and provide comfort for the elderly. Many people find fidget blankets like this one useful.

fidget toys for elderly

What are the best fidget toys for feet?

Bouncy Bands are elastic bands that stretch between the front two legs of a chair, allowing students to remain in constant motion while they work by bouncing their feet. Not only do most children enjoy bouncing their feet while sitting, Bouncy Bands help diminish anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration, and boredom, and are completely silent!

fidget toys for feet

Can fidget toys be used for OCD?

Fidget toys are often useful tools for anyone struggling with OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as redirecting nervous energy can help counteract some of the compulsive symptoms.

Fidget toys for toddlers

Read more about the best fidget toys for toddlers here.

Where to buy fidget toys? Where to buy fidget toys in Canada

You can buy amazing fidget toys for shipping into the USA and Canada using any of the links or images on this page, or browse all fidget toys here.

Where to buy fidget toys

Best fidget toys for kids

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