5 things you need on your baby registry

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5 awesome baby items you didn’t know you needed
Don’t overlook these often forgotten, but oh-so-necessary baby items you can’t live without

With all of the baby preparation and last minute shopping to be done, it’s easy to forget small things in the avalanche of strollers, car seats, crib sheets, and onesies. Make your life a bit easier and grab these amazing baby essentials ahead of time.

Things you need for a baby

Whether you’re a new parent stocking up for the big day, designing your registry, or buying a gift for someone else, check out these essential baby gear products that many people forget (even if it’s not on their registry, you may make yourself a hero by picking it up!) Hey, they make great stocking stuffers for newborns as well.

Baby registry must-haves:
5 essential baby products for the registry that you don’t want to forget

-Sleep sheep
Everyone knows that babies sleep a lot, but if you’re a first time mom, what you may not realize is that they almost never sleep when [you] want. Sleep sheep is an adorable, gentle noise machine for newborns that can be strapped right to the side of the crib bars.

It features 4 different sound patterns, an adjustable volume knob, and customizable timer to turn off automatically once the baby is sound asleep. Sleep Sheep’s soothing white noise is a LIFESAVER when trying to rock a crying baby off to sleep. Trust us, it’s going to save you – and your baby – a lot of frustration at bed time.

I read every baby book that I could get my hands on and learned how to swaddle like a pro, but I wish I had learned earlier on that I didn’t have to . SwaddleMe is a perfectly sized swaddle blanket with a pocket for the feet that keeps baby tight while allowing room for the legs to stretch, and Velcro for securely adjusting the blanket around the arms. It makes it easy to get a tight, yet comfortable swaddle that actually won’t come loose when your baby squirms – but it’s completely safe for a newborn to sleep in.
things you need for a baby

Swaddling is beneficial for a newborn because the tight, warm feel is reminiscent of mother’s womb, and it makes them comfortable in a loud, confusing and cold world that they are still getting used to. We brought one with us to the hospital for delivery and even the nurses were amazed at how easily it made it to swaddle. It made our (and their) lives easier and made our little one’s transition much happier. This, combined with your Sleep Sheep, will ensure that your baby gets enough long, restful sleep. As much as possible, anyways.

Babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth, so it’s especially important to only give them safe items that are also easy for their small hands to grab. Bolli is a toy, teether, and manipulative in one, and [it’s rated for birth and up]. Even very early on, Bolli will likely be the first item your baby grasps and holds on her own, his first teether, and later, her favorite toy.
best baby registry ideas

The bright colors are visually stimulating and the soft silicone feel is soothing on gums. As your baby gets older, grabbing the Bolli strands is perfect for fine motor control, and Bolli can be stretched in both hands, promoting gross motor coordination. It’s squishy enough to easily pack in a pocket, purse, or diaper bag, and light and small enough to be a perfect toy for the stroller or car seat. Combine it with a [Sidekick] strap to make sure it never gets lost.


An actual keyboard
We talk a lot on this site about the importance of exposing babies to “cause and effect” play early on. Studies show that this is critical for cortical development in young children. The problem with a lot of electronic baby noisemaker toys like baby piano toys is that they often make noise on their own, even when the baby is not touching them. This is counteractive to the type of consequential learning we are trying to promote. How is baby supposed to learn cause and effect when the actions are occurring on their own?
From a very early age, it is advisable that the baby is allowed to (with supervision) press the keys and observe the effects of their action. We recommend using an actual keyboard, but since you don’t want baby drooling all over Grandma’s antique grand, try an inexpensive Casio style keyboard like this one . It’s useful later for tummy time (put it in front of them to encourage lifting of the arms) and then again later when practicing sitting on their own.


Thank you for reading about things you need for a baby! We hope you found something new!

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