The 15 best bubble toys for kids of all ages

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Believe it or not, playing with bubbles dates back at least to the 17th century, where Flemish paintings show young kids blowing bubbles with pipes made out of clay. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, leftover dish washing soap was given to children to blow bubbles. Street peddlers were already starting to hawk them as a toy as early as the beginning of the 20th century.

Chemtoy, (originally a manufacturer of household cleaning supplies) was the first company to have the brilliant idea to bottle bubble solution and market it as a toy; not even knowing that they were on the brink of revolutionizing the toy world forever. By the end of the 20th century, 200 million bottles of bubble solution were being sold worldwide in a single year, and bubble solution is currently the #1 best selling toy in the world!
best bubbles for kids

Why bubbles are a great toy for kids

Parents know that bubbles are great not only for homework assignments and science fairs projects (believe it or not, there is a fair amount of math, chemistry and physics involved!) parties, weddings, barbecues, and countless other events; they are also fantastic for keeping kids entertained on a summer day.

A performer by the name of “Professor Bubbles” has enclosed as many as five people inside of a large bubble at a single time; although the official Guinness Book of Records longest bubble, which was 50 feet long and over 2 feet in diameter, was created by David Stein using his invention The Bubble Thing.

For almost all children, from very young to teenagers, bubbles are fascinating to watch, captivating to create, and enthralling to chase. Below we have picked our top favorite 15 bubble toys for kids. Enjoy!

Top 15 Best bubbles for kids!

#15 – Alex Monster Bubbles
Why it’s great!
Battery-operated bubble blower that makes it super easy for young kids to blow massive bubbles.
​Ages 4+
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#14 – Gazillion Incredi-Bubble Wand
Why it’s great!
Allows you make hundreds of bubbles with each wave of the wand
Ages 3+
Buy Incredi-Bubble

#13 – Fubbles Glow’n Bubbles Wand
Why it’s great!
Use the light-up bubble wand to change the colors of the bubbles while you blow them (night-time fun!)
Ages 3+
Buy Glow’n Bubbles Wand

#12 – Hog Wild Foameez
Why it’s great!
This foam-blowing bubble toy will make a huge bubble “snake”!
Ages 4+
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#11 – Magic Bubbles Bouncing Juggling Bubbles
Why it’s great!
Magic gloves let you juggle and bounce bubbles on your hand without popping them
Ages 5+
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#10 – Funrise Gazillion – Bubbles Triple Bubble Blaster
Why it’s great!
Electricity superpowers the traditional bubble wand type action
Ages 3+
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#9 – Melissa and Doug Bubble Blower
Why it’s great!
Super easy to use frog or butterfly themed blow-through bubble wand
​Ages 3+
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#8 – Funrise Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine
Why it’s great!
Oscillating motor will automatically send bubbles in all directions; just sit back and let the kids run crazy trying to catch the bubbles
​Ages 3+
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#7 – Super Impulse Bubble Balloon
Why it’s great!
Unlike regular bubbles, you can throw and catch these plastic “bubble balloons” back and forth, and they can be used over and over again.
Ages 5+
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#6 – TPF Toys Paddle Bubble
Why it’s great!
An innovative bubble game with a top secret formula that lets you “magically” bounce bubbles back and forth from one paddle to another – but don’t be the first to burst!
​Ages 4+
Buy Paddle Bubble

#5 – Play Day Bubble Fun Pond
Why it’s great!
Just inflate the pond and fill it with bubble solution to give your child hours of play; the 4 massive bubble wands so you can blow HUGE bubbles
​Ages 3+
Buy Bubble Fun Pond

#4 – Sizzlin’ Cool Extreme Bubble Blaster
Why it’s great!
This blaster will shoot neverending streams of bubbles with a flip of the switch
​Ages 3+
Buy Bubble Blaster

#3 – WUBBLE Bubble
Why it’s great!
The Wubble bubble ball looks just like a bubble, but it plays like a ball!
​Ages 5+​
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#2 – Beeboo Giant Bubble Wand
Why it’s great!
The open-and-closable fabric loop and 2.7 gallons worth of bubble formula mix lets you make ENORMOUS bubbles
Ages 6+
Buy Giant Bubble Wand

#1- Sizzlin’ Cool Bubble Lawn Mower
Why it’s great!
Let your kids help out with the yardwork… sort of… with this lawn mower that blows continuous bubbles as it is pushed around
Ages 3+​
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The absolute best bubble solutions:

Best bubbles for kids

Miracle Bubbles Solution
A huge 64-ounce container of premium soap bubble formula which is guaranteed to produce massive bubbles. Gentle enough for home use and powerful enough for a professional bubble machine
Check price

BubbleThing: Big Bubble Instant Powder Refill Mix
If you don’t want to store a giant tub of bubble solution, just get this powder and mix with water when you’re ready to play (enough to make 5.4 gallons of bubble solution!) Great for use with the BubbleThing giant wand or is compatible with any bubble wand that you choose. For the perfect bubble solution, follow this homemade bubbles recipe: 128 ounces warm water, 8 ounces dish soap- (Joy, Dawn, or Fairy work best), and 2 tablespoons BIG Bubble Instant Powder Solution.
Check price

Gazillion Premium Bubbles
“Super bubble solution” has been specially formulated to produce the hugest, brightest, and most colorful bubbles on the planet. This 2 liter bottle of solution also comes with a snap wand in the cap for easy dipping.
Check price

Make your own bubble solution

Bubble solution can also be created using a mixture of many kinds of liquid soap you already own. Different soaps make bubbles that last longer than others, so it’s worthwhile to experiment with different kinds until you discover the perfect one. Body wash, shampoo, and natural laundry detergent can also be substituted in your bubble solution. If you’re making bubbles for kids, don’t use commercially-produced detergents, which can be potentially unsafe for children.

A tiny amount of sugar, corn syrup, or starch in the bubble solution can result in more durable, longer lasting bubbles. You can even experiment with fun decorative ingredients like glitter to change the appearance of your bubbles!

Here is one of our favorite bubble recipes:
6 cups water
One half cup blue Dawn original dish detergent
One half cup corn starch or corn flour
1 tbsp baking powder
optional: 1 tbsp Glycerine
best bubble toys

Facts about bubbles for kids

Bubbles are great for kids because there is so much that they can learn from them. For example…
Did you know?
Bubble pop because the soapy film can’t hold without the water molecules that are contained within; after awhile, the H2O molecules evaporate, and the bubble is no more – that is, if it doesn’t touch a dry surface like your hand first. This is also why you can extend the life of a bubble by connecting it with a new bubble, introducing more moisture into the system.

Bubbles are multi-colored because light is reflecting both inside and outside the film. As the bubble floats away and the thickness of the film changes, you can observe a pulsing, iridescent glow.

Bubbles are a spherical shape because they have a natural tendency to reduce their surface tension and surface area as much as possible. Spheres have the lowest surface area to volume ration of any geometric shape.

Bet you never thought your kids could learn so much from simple bubbles!

Bonus: Here are some more ideas for playing with bubbles with your kids:
-Blow bubbles with a kazoo instead of a wand
-Try to make giant bubbles using a hula hoop
-Try to make tasty edible bubbles using Kool Aid (yes, it’s possible)
-Help your kids make square bubbles (yes, also possible!)

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