12 best Halloween themed toys and party favors

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Best Halloween toys of 2017

Prepare for the most frightening holiday of the year and spookify your Halloween with fun toys and games that will be a treat for your kids. Fill their buckets with Halloween toys and all of the treasures your family needs for spectacular Halloween fun! We’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite Halloween themed toys, party favors, or goodie bag gifts for trick or treating. These spooky toys will be a hit for Halloween this year!

Role-play a spooky Halloween scene – set features a buildable haunted house entrance scene including an opening door, tombstone, plus assorted elements including a spider, pumpkins and sickly green plants.

Zombie halloween novelty toys bulk

Bendable and posable zombie figures for handing out as an alternative to candy giveaways.

Zombie Popper halloween toys for toddlersSquishable, squeezable Zombie head.
Lego Minifigures halloween toys for goodie bags
Features a buildable pumpkin and bat with posable wings, ears and feet, and talons.
Z windups halloween hot toys

Wind them up and watch the Halloween themed wind ups go. Like all Z Windups, they cannot be overwound.

halloween horror toys Corpse Bride

DIY Buildable Skeleton toy – assemble your own Corpse Bride figure.

Puzzled Human Skeleton 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

A cool wooden 3D skeleton model. Build and decorate your very own three-dimensional skeleton – you can even decorate either the pieces or the finished item to suit your style.

Hopping Pumpkin Wind-up halloween toys instead of candy

Just wind it up and watch it shimmy, shake, and wander

Lego Pumpkin halloween toys and games

Create a creepy LEGO Halloween Pumpkin with a jagged carved design made with orange LEGO bricks and a wispy green stem!

halloween toys for babies
Developmental plush playset comes with four cute pieces: candy corn, ghost, spider, and cat. (Which crinkly, squeak, rattle and meow to keep baby entertained.)
Little Vampire Pacifier Fangs

Adorable BPA and Phthalate free Dracula pacifier

Best Halloween Toys 2016 Beanie Baby Pumpkin

A cute “Halloweenie” from Ty’s classic Beanie collection


More great toys for Halloween

Introducing creepy fun back into playtime with fun Halloween themed toys:

best halloween themed toys

Fright Factory 3D Creature Creator from Tech 4 Kids is a set that combines elements of toy and craft kits, letting kids make three-dimensional creations. Ultraviolet lights cook the EwwGoo on the Fright Factory stage, no heat necessary. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills are tested as kids create “Gross Bugs,” “Creepy Creatures” and “Beyond the Grave” themed monster goodies.

For Halloween 2016 we have also compiled some fun facts about America’s favorite Halloween activities. Stay safe and be sure to mix in some active play to exercise off the candy and treats!
halloween plush toys bulk

More Fun Halloween facts:
-The largest pumpkin on record weighed 836 lbs and was grown by Norm Craven in 1993

-The record for fastest time to carve a pumpkin was broken by Stephen Clarke when he completed the feat in about 16.47 seconds (he actually beat his own previous record). In order to comply with the regulations of the competition, the pumpkin weighed below 24 pounds and was carved with a minimum of the mouth, nose and eyes.

-People used to carve Halloween turnips instead of Halloween pumpkins.

-According to some reports, Halloween is believed to have originated in Ireland, (arising from the ancient Celtic tradition of disguising oneself as a demon or spirit) but was also probably influenced by the ancient Roman festival called Pomona.

-There is a word for the fear of Halloween, Samhainophobia.

-Halloween actually stems from “Hallows’ Eve” or “Hallows’ Evening,” meaning the evening before All Hallows’ Day, November 1.

-The record for the most pumpkins lit at once is held by Boston, Massachusetts with 30,128 lit Jack O’Lanterns.

halloween toys for trick or treat


Enjoy your spooky toys and Happy Halloween!


Infographic data:

157 Million Americans to Celebrate Halloween
68 million Americans will dress up this Halloween
20 million pet owners will dress up their pet this Hallowen

Total spending on the holiday: $6.9 billion (costumes, candy, parties, etc).
spending on costumes:
adult costumes – $1.2 billion
children’s costumes – $950 million
pet’s costumes – $350 million

Most popular Halloween activities (in order):
Hand out candy
decorate the yard
dress up
carve a pumpkin
throw or attend a party
take a child-trick or treating
visit a haunted house
dress up a pet

Source: National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey

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