10 Best Fidget Toys for Toddlers (promote fine motor skill development)

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Fidget toys safety rated for toddlers

Toddler fidget toys are a great way to promote the development of fine motor skills including grasping, pinching, and eye-hand coordination.

It has been shown that fidget toys are a great tool for older kids┬áto self-regulate, improve memory and concentration, and enhance dedicated focus on cognitively strenuous tasks. Here at SmartToys we often recommend using fidget toys as tools in the classroom for keeping kids on task. However, the goal of a toddler fidget toy is a little different …

Toddlers may not have quite so many “cognitively strenuous tasks” on their mind, but they are working on the building blocks for a variety of very important life skills, not least of all their fine motor skills. These toddler fidget toys (or fiddle toys) – which are safety rated for smaller users – will help give infants a head start in fine motor control.

10 best fidget toys for toddlers

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Fidget toys are also useful sensory toys for toddlers. They provide invaluable input about the role they play in their own environment, founding basis of cause and effect learning. Sensory baby toys are also often useful not only for calming, but engaging with different textures, feelings, and sounds.

The best thing about toddler fidget toys is that they grow with your kid! As your child ages, these toys will continue to help them master focus and attention, as well as providing benefits for calming and anxiety. Kids with attention problems in particular will benefit from these 25 best fidget toys for ADHD .

We are not doctors, but all of our recommendations come from hours of research and talks with pediatric specialists. We are confident that you will love these fidget toys!

Do you have any questions about these fidget toys for toddlers? Please contact us – we are always happy to hear from you!

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